Monday, August 13, 2012

Bootcamp Style

At the urging at some of my good friends (who I also happened to play Rugby with), I joined their fitness bootcamp class, started by one of their trainer friends. I will tell you that I need to have my booty forced into major cardio and weights so this was mostly a good decision for me (except for those days when I just feel lazy haha) and my future wedding fitness.

I have been going for about a month now and have done some decent work toning and losing some weight. So I am going to keep on going and will sign up for the next bootcamp session, which starts in a couple week. That being said, I really thought that I needed some new clothes, so that, you know, I would keep motivated. As with anything that I do, I always want to look my best... and that includes working out.  Wanna see what I pulled together for bootcamp style?

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