Friday, February 3, 2012

Yep, I'm Still Watching Project Runway All-Stars

Yes, I am still watching Project Runway All- Stars. I didn't write about it last week because while it was airing, I was literally in the air. Being that a trip was underway, I didn't get a chance to watch PR All Stars Ep 4 until a little before Ep 5 aired last night. I will recap episode 4 in the shortest paragraph possible then work on highlighting last night's episode.

Episode 4: Most Boring Premise Ever... designers were challenged to create a look inspired by... Gelato, yes, the ice cream like frozen treat Gelato. Were the producers sitting in a conference room somewhere pondering what would be a fantastic idea for a show, tossing ideas back and forth only to land on Gelato? It was an awful and uninspired episode. The only highlight for me? Seeing whiny, ungrateful April Johnston go home. She had blueberry flavor and created a monstrosity, end scene.

Last night's episode... well, it picked up some steam in comparison to the episode prior. Our designers were brought to Union Square park and tasked with #1 finding a muse  #2 convincing people to let them, literally, take the clothes off their backs #3 Use their "street" clothes for at least 50% of their look. Now we're cooking with oil. It was in these park scenes where I remember why I love Anthony Williams so much. Favorite line of the night? Anthony yells, "Hi Hot White Guy!"at a very fit gentleman with no shirt on. Austin then remarks that he was the one who got Hot White Guy's phone number... well, well, well...cheeky designers.

Some designers have better luck than others but at the end of the day, every one gets somethings from the street folks, something from Mood, and then begin designing. Mondo jumps right in and is adorable, working diligently on his look, which Joanna Coles thinks is right up his alley. Jerell, surprise surprise, thinks very highly of himself and his barely there swimwear-ish type gypsy look. Anthony keeps changing his mind about what he is going to do. Michael is struggling to be inspired yet finds time to talk smack about Kenley to Mila (who, by the by, is a b!tch)... 
Anyhoo, fast forward to runway show. All the girls are safe. Kenley gives a huge smile to both Kara and Mila, which Mila returns with a hate filled glare. All the boys are our best and worst designs.

Jerell, Michael and Anthony are in the bottom. Jerell for obvious reasons, Michael for creating something ill fitted and way too short and Anthony for not using enough of the "street" fabric in his design. Here I think to myself, there is no way that they will send Anthony home when Jerell's look is so hideous. Well, apparently they will. Anthony goes home... and tells Micheal to stop his crying.
Jerell and Anthony's Bottom Looks
Our top designers are Austin, Rami and Mondo. While I really did love Austin's look, I had to give it to Mondo. He used all fabric from his street looks, worked super hard and made unbelievable garments in a short period of time. His little jean/ military green jacket? Amazing. (Erin, I may be converted) Of course, and at last, Mondo took the win.
Austin and Mondo's Top Looks
So while I started off whiny about Project Runway All Stars, now that we are getting down to the truly talented designers, I am pretty much in it for the long haul. I am rooting for either Mondo or Austin to take the home the prize but I am not counting Micheal or Rami out just yet.


  1. Finally! A win for Mondo! He's been robbed, including last weeks episode where his caftan was way more melon than stupid Michael's grapefruit bubble (are bubble hems even still a thing?) Convert. Come to the Mondo side. Lurve him. I want Mondo and Tim Gunn to have their own show.

    And P.S. Shame on Isaac with his "Mondo's look is too stylish." He's clearly got it out for him for reasons unknown (except for the fact that TG and IM are not friends and TG and Mondo = love)

  2. Great recap!  I absolutely love Mondo and always have.  I hope that he wins but would be a okay with Austin winning.  I will miss Anthony because he is hilarious!!  I am not a fan of Mila or Kenley (mostly because they are both B*tches!)

  3. Confession to make, I'm still watching it too haha! But in The Netherlands we have old episodes... Bit of a shame. Anyways, lovely blog!

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