Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In Love with Conversation Pieces

My friend Audrey has one of the most adorable little online boutiques out there... I would say so even if I didn't think she was a super sweet gal too! It's called Conversation Pieces and her offerings include different brands and looks. Audrey is super specific in her merchandising and is wicked good at it. She carries a range of dresses, tops, accessories and more all with a lil' bit of sass.

What I love best about her is that she has a keen eye for things with a little bit of vintage sophistication. I have multiple "conversation pieces" and they fit my wardrobe for work and for play. Plus, get a load of the sweet little packages she sends!

 Some of my favorite vintage inspired pieces right now are dresses (surprise, surprise) and they make me think of my Grandma (when she was rockin' in NYC in the 50's) and also a little Mad Men-esque. Of course, us modern girls could kick with some fierce pumps and edgy accessories. In summation, I am a fan of Audrey and her Conversation Pieces. I really hope that you guys check out her shop and fall in love with her as much as I have!

Spots of Fun Dress, Green with Envy Dress, Miss Peachy Fine Dress


  1. Such cute and unique things! Please pass along to your friend:) 

  2. That green with envy dress is too cute!! I will definitely keep that site in mind next time i'm in need of a dress. 

  3. Very cute!:) xoxo


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