Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pattern Project 2011

I am currently reading/ working my way through Tina Sparkles' Little Green Dresses and as I read along, I am trying to hone my sewing by pattern skills because it is important in constructing garments to understand what the heck is going on! I have made the mistake in the past of starting a project that is far too advanced for me and then I never finish... Sooooo I bought some more Amanda-friendly patterns and have been working diligently on improving my mad apparel making skills. So my goal this year is to make one dress from each of 5 patterns that I bought on a whim. I will follow the directions and there will be no shortcuts (unless of course they are necessary)!

So I give you my most recent construction of pure sewing genius ;-) I introduce you to Pattern #1, Vogue 8631, Easy Misses Dress.

Vogue V8631

I really wanted to give you good pictures but the man took the camera to San Francisco with him and I was chomping at the bit to show you my craftswomanship... so I took a picture with my phone. Not the best quality but still it's something! I swear to you, the in person view is much more stellar! ;-)

Other patterns that I plan to make over the course of the next year? I am really excited to improve my mad sewing skills and also make clothes that other people aren't wearing! win-win. The following four patterns range from easy to average so I have definitely stayed in my range. They are in my arsenal and and awaiting being made.
Vogue 1177

Vogue 1129

Vogue 1223

Vogue 1226


  1. So pretty for a Prim & Propah lady!!! Great idea, start small....go big!! I like the print on ur new dress, you should post in the future w/ u modeling it...just sayin'

  2. beautiful!

    I love the 1223 pattern.

  3. I love the 2nd and 5th patterns! I agree with Jeanette we want to see the dress on, lady!


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