Friday, March 4, 2011

OM: Normal My @$$

As I was stalking my usual Tweeps yesterday, I saw a couple of blurbs that really made me appreciate individuality even when we feel like we are similar or GASP! ... Normal. Gale at Wichser Studio started it...

@wichserstudio An old woman at the thrift shop today told me, "normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine" #agreed

I have a lot in common with my Twitter friend (soon to be real life friend) Erin of Petal and Pink... we are always joking about how we are basically the same person because we like so many of the same things (ie Bravo TV, Colin Firth, pretty jewelry, Metrowest Massachusetts). Around the same time I saw Gale's tweet, Erin and I had a silly little conversation about our shopping excursions to Marshalls:

@PrimandPropah I didn't got BBandB tonight, I went to Marshalls... bad business, I spent some $.

@PetalandPink I've been so impressed with them lately! Serious bad news lol

@PrimandPropah I went in there to look for a pair of work pants. Yes, I came out with a pair of work pants but how do I explain the 4 tops?

@PetalandPink to go with the pants, duh! I found a pair of oxfords that were over 300 for 60 at my last trip! Love!

@PrimandPropah YOU SCARE ME... I just bought a pair of brown suede oxfords...

and my point is made here:

@PetalandPink lmao! Mine are black leather. I'm glad we still find ways to be ourselves in our similarities. ;)

My moment this week wasn't something grand and really all the noteworthy but it was a special little moment nonetheless. It happened by myself, at the computer.... I just got to thinking... I love that I'm not normal, you're not normal, NO ONE is normal. We are all unique and wonderful spirits that help weave the cloth that this diverse world is made of. Our similarities can help us bond but our intricate differences are what make us who we are, the opposite of normal.

Which is more exciting to you?

nor·mal [nawr-muhl]

Conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular.


u·nique [yoo-neek]

Existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics; having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable.

That's what I thought.

OM is a weekly meet up that promotes living in the moment. Whether funny, sad, ridiculous, or banal, actively looking for and sharing these moments will promote balance in our lives.



  1. I think just as teens rebel against parents to separate and develop who they are as individuals, we *grown-ups* rebel against normal to keep growing and defining ourselves as people. But it's nice to know another rebel that *gets* you.

  2. omg I had no idea our conversation was being recorded! ;)

  3. :) wow you make my week, girl!! but it's so true isn't it? i'm always fluctuating between wanting to be the n word and unique. sometimes, normal is more appealing in the sense that it's easier in a lot of ways, i guess. but BORING! lol. being colorful is multifaceted, exciting, and spontaneous most times. i choose yoo-neek!

    love that last poster. perfect.

  4. Love that last quote! One of my favorite things about friendship is the ability to justify each other's indulgences.


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