Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Real Life Sewing Class

My history with sewing began at an early age when my sisters and I would spend time with my Grandma Louise during the summer vacations, while my Mom and Dad worked. It was there that I learned to sew; where my sister and I took turns making curtains for the kitchen slider. My Grandma did a great job of sharing her knowledge and also gave us the opportunity to explore our "crafty side"... that being said, I did miss a couple of lessons that I perhaps may have learned in an actual technical sewing class.(zippers, complex stitch settings, closures, etc)

So here I am, gearing up for my second real sewing class (my first was last Wednesday night) at Create Sewing Studio in Acton, MA (local to my house). I am making a skirt.And following a pattern.And not taking any shortcuts (which is hard for me!). I am actually REALLY excited about the structure aaaand the social aspect of it as well. I have met a couple great ladies who all appreciate the crafter in me and encourage the creativity... I am also learning some staples of the sewing diet. All in all, Wednesday nights until the middle of December are soley dedicated to building on my sewing foundation.

Natalie Dee

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