Thursday, November 11, 2010

"A Crafty Holiday" for One, "A Crafty Holiday" for All

Anyone who follows my blog or twitter or both (or if you live with me, ahem Manfriend) has heard about my participation in A Crafty Holiday Blog Hop... and how much I have been looking forward to it.

I have always been a huge fan of anything handmade, crafted, painted, whittled, fashioned (insert many more here).... all of these words mean to me that a little of some one's heart and love was put into their work. That makes it really special to me...and as cheezeball as that sounds, I stand by it. When something that has been hand wrapped in butcher's paper and tied with twine is delivered to me, my heart jumps for joy. I want to share this feeling with others, and that is why I plan to buy handmade for this holiday season whenever possible... and am here to encourage you all to do the same. The opportunity to share something special with someone who is special to you, is truly a cool experience. Can I get a Hollaaaa?

Now you are probably wondering what is on my list of wants and needs? What I plan to buy for others? What I would recommend for a stylish, unique little gift? Well I am about to give you the rundown. You'll see a lot from my wish list because I do spend a great deal of time perusing (wink) but there are also some items I could get for loved ones that would make their little hearts melt!

First we can hit my wish list from some of my favorite artisans out there right now:

CINNAMON STICK - Bliss Soy 10 oz Premium Jar Candle by Bliss Candles

I happen to love anything Cinnamon. To me, the scent of cinnamon makes me think of Fall straight through to New Year's and I love it! So obvi, I would like to partake in the soy goodness of Bliss Candle's Cinnamon Stick.

 You could get me anything by Riverbasin Outfitters. I happen to just be a fan of her aesthetic and love the idea of reconstructed clothing. Once loved, loved again.  I have a practically snugly re purposed Rugby shirt with screen printing and added pockets which has made for an absolutely adorable comfy dress fit for Winter. Some of my most recent Riverbasin crushes?

From Riverbasin Outfitters' Forest Girl Fashion Show in October 2010

I love headbands with any sort of embellishment. I guess you could call me a sucker for snazzy-ness. Allorahandmade has a variety of colors to choose from so I guess I could pair this adorbs headband with soooo many outfits if manfriend were to let me buy multiple! (Pretty Please?)

Now this is something that I would want for myself. Being that my tastes are eclectic, I could totally envision multiple outfits surrounding this crocheted beauty. Now only if manfriend reads this blog post.


Some of the things that I am hoping to grab for some loved ones? (and yes, I worry they will read this blog post, but I am willing to take my chances). The variety out there, astounds me:

I happen to love anything knit or crocheted (if you hadn't noticed). I can totally envision my sister (with her new rocker blond and black hair do) wearing this in NC during the winter. It doesn't get as cold there so she can be fashionable without being frozen- esque.

How can you not love these unconventional earrings? Made with vintage sequins and oxidized copper pins. Love, Love, Love! I am keeping these on the backburner for sister and cousin. I really think they would be ALL over these. Wouldn't you be?

Ramona Rose - The Sleepy Woodland Bunny Plush from Sleepyking

Something I was thinking of getting for my cousin's new baby. I really think this made to order plush would really add a stylish twist to any infant's room. This is just one of many really cute animal plushes with unique expressions that Sleepking offers for purchase. Not just for holiday, I would recommend as a great addition to baby shower gift as well.

I have bought a few necklaces from Chewlry in the past and have gotten nothing but compliments on her designs, which claim to be "jewelry with a bite"! My "green kangaroo" sister will probably be all over this trinket, being that it is awesome and unique.

I happen to have eight of Popwheel Art's watercolors in my bathroom and have decorated around these pieces. There is something whimsical about her artwork. Here's me shouting it from the rooftops. I would probably grab one of these for one of my besties Nathalie; she has also shared in her adoration of these watercolors. Add a cool frame and you have a pretty rad gift for a pretty rad person!

OK and how about one more things;-) Actually, I might get one of these for a couple of my besties... because... It's adorable.

Life is Sweet Necklace from The Rusted Chain
Dude, Life is Sweet. So are Cupcakes. Enough Said.

To me, buying handmade and personally designed items, is a way of encouraging artistry while also gifting unique items for my loved ones (and myself of course). There is something so lovely about something crafted by some one's hands. I cannot encourage you enough to check out local artisans, local craft shows, Etsy, and any other means of getting something creative and one of a kind for your fam! Besides, isn't it more fun to check out your favorite crafter than to fight with crowds at Walmart? I thought so!

Tomorrow's post is from Paputsi so please check in with her on the flip side. She is sure to have some great handmade items picked out for her crafty holiday. I personally can't wait to take a peek at what she has to show us all!

Also, look out for some of the posts from this rad blog hop. I have been sooooo happy to participate and urge you to check out others who helped make this so fun! Yay!

Here's to Happy Holidays filled with lovelies and huggles! (oh and obvi Handmade)


  1. What a beautiful list of items. I'm totally in love with that vintage clutch. Wow, it about knocked me over, lol. Oh, and the crocked necklace was great too. I hope your manfriend reads this post too --you might need to drop him some hints.

  2. Adorable post! That clutch is gorgeous, love the leg warmer earrings too. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for including our Life Is Sweet necklace!

    What a gorgeous list of items. I love every single one.

  4. Wonderful stuff, that lipstick red cap is fabulous.

  5. This is a gorgeous list! Thanks for introducing me to Riverbasin Outfitters - I just spent a good amount of time browsing her site! Her stuff is incredible.

  6. Beautiful choices! I am especially digging Riverbasin Outfitters - very cool!

    Also, love your blog name :)


  7. So many lovlies to choose from! Thanks for introducing me to a few new shops!

  8. you put together an amazing wish list! i love so many of your picks - the crochet necklace, the stuffed bunny, the headband and the watercolor print is so adorably whimsical. wishing you a super crafty holiday!

  9. Excellent post! I especially love the watercolor print you included - it's stunning!

  10. love this list!! such fun, unique lovelies and such variety! i am honored to have my earrings included! :)

  11. Love your picks. It's so amazing how many wonderful finds ive missed and now will favorite! Thanks

  12. yay BrilliantHandmade!! The necklace also makes an awesome belt..

    Lovin' the blog by the way. And I really want that Drift Petals Necklace.

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