Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why these Guys Make Things Worthwile...

Man friend's co-worker gave us some fresh catnip that he and his wife grew in their garden.

Nipster for the kit
How sweet is that? I totally am surprised that manfriend would have even mentioned the kitten (who is actually 4 years old) to coworkers and that a male coworker was thoughtful enough to bring him a little baggie of it... like kitten drugs HA! (I hope their boss doesn't know about these dealings!)

Mom, there are birds in the house.

  Sigourney (kitten) had a BLAST! We had a terribly high kitten on our hands. She was ALL over the place. Meowing, hopping, jumping, kissing our feet (literally)... she was in her glory... and it was AWESOME. She even had her favorite delicacy during dinner... corn on the cob. By the by, that cat can't resist a good corn on the cob or some plain ol' Mac n Cheese... she is low maintenance and Mama likes.

Mmmmm, Corn, coo coo cachoo, Man.

 We must have laughed for a good half hour; we were partly responsible for her "high" because we couldn't resist getting her to whine/ meow at us... we also loved watching Henry (puppy) try to get in on the action. No dice, Henry. Catnips is for... cats, go figure. Don't feel bad for puppy though, he got a chicken flavored rawhide.
Thanks Mom!
 You know what? I had a crappo day at work... and I came home to loves, just pure loves. Manfriend, kitten and puppy... making things (even a bad day) worthwhile.

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