Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New England: We Should Explore, Part One

So boyfriend and I are toying with the idea of moving somewhere other than New England to buy a house. Among other things, the cost to live here is just astronomical... especially because we want a house big enough for our projects and hobbies and eventually (God willing) some babies. Obviously I don't want to regret moving out of beautiful New England, what with it's Fall Foliage and beautiful Cape Cod Beaches and a multitude of other fabulous offerings without experiencing all that I want to before a move. Manfriend is going to put on his thinking cap as to what he would like to accomplish in the next couple years but I have definitely already started my list, and its a hefty one at that:

Climb Mount Monadnok as an Adult: I recall climbing this mountain in Southern NH with either Youth group kids or with school but I have never climbed it as an adult, with adult appreciation for the beauty of the view off a mountiantop if you can dig... Plus it has been a long time since I climbed a mountain... I think Bee Hive in Acadia circa 05? ... me thinks I might be out of shape for it but we shall see!

View from Monadnock

Yankee Candle Company- Hey I have never been there and I happen to LOVE their candles. I hear that around the holidays it's a really special kind of place with cool things to do and dining in the area. I could totally foresee manfriend and I taking a special day trip out to Western Mass, eating a good meal and coming home with some major candles.... FYI- Love me some candles... like I stockpile them... probably don't need anymore...won't stop me from buying more unfortunately...

Me and Manfriend's agreed upon Scent

Summer Weekend in Portland, ME: I have been to Maine a few times, mostly when I was a kid or in high school. I have vague memories of visiting Portland ME when I went to Theater Camp at USM (Yes, I went to theater camp) and we performed in a square in Portland for passers by. Unfortunately I don't remember anything much about Portland but hear that it's just lovely and on the water (which is a major plus) and that they have an International Cryptozoology Museum? What? Needless to say, I want to go.

Portland ME

Great Barrington Farmer's Market: Ummmm this Farmer's Market is one of the biggest in Massachusetts so obvi I would want to go there before we leave New England. This is also pretty much on the other side of the state so we might have to combo it into something else in that area... but nevertheless I want to see it... and buy local jams.... and buy veggies and seedlings... and fresh bread! Gah what's not to love?

MMMMM Fresh Produce

Newport RI:  Again, one of these things I haven't experience since I was a kid. I remember touring The Breakers with my grandmother. The tour guide was telling us about the origin of one of the fireplaces and noted that it was from the country of the most recently crowned Miss Universe and asked anyone if they knew who/where they were from. Obvi, I knew it was Namibia and I will never forget that for the remainder of my days on this earth... unfortunately that is about all I remember from Newport HA! Must return to make lasting memories...

The Breakers, Newport RI
Photo Source
These are just a few that we have started our list with (well I have started my list with).... I am sure that our "To Do List" destinations and activities will grow as we become more serious about moving, but for now this is a good start.

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