Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shout out to my M+O Girls... Inspirational Chatter

Soooo as a part time job, I pick up some hours from Martin + Osa, the now "on it's way out" American Eagle concept. I worked my usual Wednesday night with some of my FAVES... always a treat, especially when we had a little time to gab and catch up.

This is my part time job, to them this is their full time job where they put their heart and soul into their work, a lot of them starting with this brand 3 years ago from the get go. AS per usual we got to discussing what was going to happen when our store closed (one of the last to go), what would happen to the fixtures (I have dibs on one if not two of the female mannequins SCORE!), yikes to the Nike Town that's moving in. Everyone is pondering their next moves, discussing life long dreams and aspirations and where we are at in this life. Needless to say we weren't all that busy last night. Jenn wants to run her own boutique someday, preferably in her hometown of Pittsburgh, where she can sell others' bobbles and trinkets and accessories and all sort of creative things. She wants to work for herself, which I can appreciate because so do I! Stacey has always wanted to create handmade handbags and sell them in small boutiques or online but has always felt, eh in motivation or in confidence and sometimes both. I used my ramped up motivation to get my girls thinking (or at least I would like to think I did)about trying to get to those dreams and trying to keep 'em alive. We ended the night talking about the oil spill and Justin Beiber so I can't really say how our "life long dreams" chat came to a close...

...BF reminded me yesterday that I need to start small, get myself situated and have a good foundation. He thinks (and I mostly agree) that if you take on too much at once you will feel like a failure when things don't work out perfectly. He wants me to think about what I want to do and narrow it down a little. He is right in that I have a million things going through my head and I need to organize those thoughts into a clear business model. He is still 99.9% supportive although the other night before bed he mentioned "gotta have those buttons" in a funny way, which means he reads the blog (YAY!) but he is also making fun (NOT YAY!). Speaking of buttons, someday doooooooown the road I thought about taking buttons as a coupon of sorts? That way I can incorporate buttons from all over the place into my creations. Is that a bad idea? You send me a unique button, I give you a $1.00 off plus whatever postage is.

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