Friday, June 4, 2010


So boyfriend has done all that he can do to set me up a consistent "online presence", Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Domain... the whole kit n caboodle. Soooooooo my next step in the creation process, I think will have to be my logo. I am thinking that the Prim and Propah should be represented with two P's but I also don't want to remind people of Pee Pee and/or Urination... so I will have to get creative with my creation, go figure.

I was looking at some really awesome plantable labels that you can order online in an attempt to motivate me to get an idea of how I want to represent the "brand". I really want to give off a feminine and almost motherly vibe (eco friendlyish? Girly but mature?) but with a twist, a little razmatazz.

This is the most serious that I have ever gotten in regards to starting my own brand. It will obviously be hard to do and A LOT of work but for once, with the support of BF, I feel really really motivated. I mean really motivated.

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