Friday, April 7, 2017

I Tried It: KPS Essentials

Something that I've really loved about getting my beauty routine "clean" combined with being a blogger is that I've been lucky enough to get to know the people behind the brand in some cases. There are so many different lines created by creative entrepreneurs that you could try a new one every day so when I'm able to connect with the people, the human beings making the products, then I think it makes it a more special experience. You're probably tired of me gushing about the W.E.L.L. Summit but tough, it's a part of me now. In the Rebecca Casciano Sacred Beauty session, we were introduced to the pair behind KPS Essentials.

Natalie reached out to me after I commented on an Instagram post of another eco beauty blogger. I had mentioned that I wanted to try their Renu C+ Serum because time is passing people and I would like to keep this face looking as fresh as possible for as long as possible without damaging it with junk. Natalie and I set up a time and we spoke on the phone, person to person, about my skin, what I thought I needed and what she thinks I actually needed. She wrote me up a plan based on my concerns, basically my wrinkled forehead. I swear that's where I am aging the most. But of course, Natalie took my skincare routine into consideration and gave me some thoughtful tips on taking care of my face.

I was gifted the Antioxidant Eye Repair Serum, Probiotic Toner, Renu C+ Serum, Aromatherapy Cleansing Oil and the Renu Face Cream and to say that I was excited would be an understatement. That package arrived a month ago and I've followed the routine (mostly) morning and night... and guess what? I've noticed a real change! Want to hear something silly? I measured by one crease on my forehead, the biggest culprit... and she's backing down folks. She's retreating. You know what the secret was- a combination of the eye repair serum, Renu C+ serum and the Renu face cream. I'd create a little "cocktail" of those products and have it act as my facial treatment after cleansing and toning, so super simple.

The products from KPS Essentials are meant to be used continuously to improve your skin and provide lasting results without clogging up the works with all the nasties you can find in your typical targeted skincare products. KPS uses farm grade organic ingredients that you can feel good about using on your face. They target your skin with distinct functions: hydration, volume, collagen growth, hyper pigmentation, and acne. What I think I love the most about the KPS Essentials line is that they ARE targeted products. They feel luxe. They work. Want to hear a sweet little bonus on the aromatherapy cleanser as well? I use it on the kiddos tootsies after bath and before bedtime, so we all relax a little bit after a long day together!

You can find KPS Essentials on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their blog.

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