Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Find Your True North: The Wanderlust Festival

If you follow me, you're probably aware of the Wanderlust Festivals. I share their content on occasion and have been saying for years that I want to attend one (or many) of their events. They seem like the type of people who throw a thoughtful and meaningful event, that if you're open to it, can really change your outlook on things, life, whatever it is you need to hear. I've made excuses before but that stops this year. I'm taking care of my responsibilities (kids, family, home) and heading up to Stratton VT in June for their Wanderlust Festival... and I'm going by myself.

Photo by Julianne Lesinki for Wanderlust Festival.
You can read about how I attended W.E.L.L. Summit on my own and how I intend to head to Wanderlust solo, over on the WS blog now. I'm really excited to be spending this time on my own. I don't get much of that these days. If you've never heard of Wanderlust, it's a four day festival all about mindful living, something you know that I am totally in to. Yoga, meditation, speakeasy talks, music, outdoor adventures and more... I literally cannot wait to draw up my "itinerary" because I can already tell there are things that I want to do that I may not have thought I could ever do. Plus, there's yoga and I can always do yoga.

Photo by Julianne Lesinki for Wanderlust Festival
I want to go on a foraging hike. I want to do paddleboard yoga. I want to journal thoughts and dreams without a toddler hollering in the background. I want to be in nature, in the mountains, breathing fresh air. I want to listen to people speak to my soul because I need a recharge. I want an adventure and that's what I'm going to get. I'm already planning a reinvention of the Propah Prosperity Project with a touch of random and an Instax camera, that I'll probably document here. It's my hope that people are receptive to it, which I know in my heart that they will be. I'm so excited about the opportunity to connect with strangers, even though I'm going on a solo adventure. I want to make the most out of Wanderlust and I'm really hoping that I'll one day be able to attend a Wanderlust 108, their version of a mindful triathlon (pretty cool, right?). I'm not letting excuses stop me from doing the things I want to do. I'm just going to be better at planning that "me" time. I do have responsibilities but I know now that my husband, kids and life I've created are a priority but I should be making myself a priority, too.

Photo by Julianne Lesinki for Wanderlust Festival
Have you ever attended a Wanderlust Festival or Wanderlust 108 Triathlon? I'd love to hear about your experience? You can find Wanderlust on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

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