Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why I am Adventurous with my Hair

As some of you may have seen in some recent Instagram snaps, my hair color has gone from bleached blonde to pink in recent weeks. It's something that I have been thinking about doing for awhile and when a stellar opportunity arose, I just couldn't let it pass me by. Now you're probably thinking (although I hope you aren't), "she's a mother of a young child, why would she go to such lengths to make her hair pink? She's in her (early) 30's!" My response to those types of thoughts are, I gotta be me and that means being adventurous with my hair.

The only time that I have ever been patient enough to let my hair grow well below my shoulders was in preparation for my wedding updo and even then, the struggle was real. I love to try new things and when my hair gets long, it's the ultimate in PAIN IN THE @$$ERY. My hair is thick like a horse's mane, my friends and it takes a quarter century to dry with a hair dryer. I get impatient and I am impulsive. I have had really bad haircuts from cheap chain salons because I just "have to get my hair cut today". But by the same token, I have had some really exceptional haircuts on a whim as well. At the end of the day, your hair grows or can be cut again to fix a bad haircut. My hair is my way of expressing myself and trying new things. You only live once, am I right?

I have to give it to my girl, Courtney at Mitchell John Salon in the Financial District who took such care with my color and cut. I have NEVER had someone so excited about how it came out and I couldn't be more excited to help her grow her clientele. If you go see her? Mention my name and you'll get 20% off your services. That's a pretty great deal in the heart of Boston!

How are you adventurous with your appearance?

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