Friday, September 11, 2015

Primark Hits Boston

This past week, I was invited to visit the new Primark store in Boston's Downtown Crossing. I had seen a Primark store on a previous visit to Europe but kind of forgot about them until all of Boston started a buzzing about their new store. I had never been so really didn't know what to expect but when I arrived, it was like an assault on my shopping senses. It was close to 8pm when I arrived (only an hour away from closing time) and the store was still being ransacked like they would never restock the shelves but I would persevere on this evening of shopping without a baby...

Like a lot of other fast fashion retailers (H&M, Forever 21, Zara etc), their offerings were plentiful, well, plentiful actually doesn't do the four floors of fashion any justice. There is something for, literally, everyone. Women's apparel does take up the majority of the store but there are also sections dedicated to children, men, shoes and accessories. If you need a breather, I'd suggest taking a respite in the men's section as it did seem to be slower. In addition, the Men's registers were also more bearable... but I will say, that there won't be a slowdown any time soon. The prices are kind of unreal and with Boston's poor college students back in town, well, I know where their expendable income is going. *money flying away emoji*. I spent a good deal of my sweet moola on the activewear, which while very affordable, is still a pretty great quality. I snagged a couple shirts for the little stud in my life, plus grabbed some shoes. I was pretty happy with what I left with, but the trouble with such cheap fashion is that you leave wishing you hadn't left anything behind, even though you had already spent a ton of money (though with a lot to show for it). I will definitely head back a little later this season when I have a game plan and a little more time.

Will you visit the Primark in Boston's Downtown Crossing?

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