Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm Really Into Essential Oil Blends, You Guys

I have been really into essential oils lately and have been diffusing a combination of vanilla, grapefruit and ylang ylang in our living room. At first we were like, what the heck? How do you use essential oils? ...but now we actually really do feel calmer with different blends wafting through the rooms, like our own aromatherapy blends. I really do feel that there are benefits to using essential oils in our every day life. I am no doctor, nor do I claim to be but I am loving what is happening when I use the oils, people! You'll probably see a lot of people hocking essential oils out there but I think it's worth it to do a little research and find a brand that works for you. Because I am attending the WELL Summit in November, I received a sneak peek of some great natural and eco-friendly beauty products that the folks over there put together. One of the little treats that stood out most to me was the little sample vile of 21 Drops "Sleep" blend. Someone is out there creating essential oil blends for specific uses, y'all!

The #18 (out of 21) SLEEP blend of essential oil therapy touts the following: helps quiet an anxious mind, soothing feelings of restlessness and encouraging relaxation in preparation for a good night's sleep. Using Ylang Ylang to relax and encourage peace, Vetiver to sedate and reduce anxiety and Sandlewood to quiet the mind, 21 Drops would have us believe that this blend will help us sleep better... and you know what? I am a believer. I really do feel calmer when I apply it a touch before bedtime.

#01 Invigorate is a blend that I use before I go for a run or do something fitness related. Black Pepper enlivens and motivates, Cedarwood maximizes endurance, Juniper energizes, and Rosemary stimulates the mind. All is blended with 100% Jojoba Oil (a carrier oil if you're interested).  This is a good blend to motivate myself to get my butt in gear. I would like to think that it'a just my sheer will that keeps me moving but we all know that fitness isn't my most stellar area of expertise. I will take any help that I can get.

Another blend that I keep in my work space is #9 Focus blend. Focus, well, it can help you focus. It's a great way to jumpstart your mind. I use it every few hours while working and it definitely has proven to provide that little pick me up when I need it. Frankincense induces clarity, Peppermint stimulates the mind (so true) and Rosemary reduces fogginess. If you really give it a shot, you'd be surprised how your body reacts to essential oil scents. I was sort of skeptical at first but I really have been converted and no long scoff at the idea that oils can improve your environment and personal space.

Not only has 21 Drops really impressed me with these different blends, they are super charitable to boot. When I was talking to them about writing a post on their brand (all because of that little Sleep blend sample!), I mentioned our Boston Bloggers Jimmy Fund Walk fundraiser. They were on board immediately to donate to our raffle and the gift bags, without hesitation. That is the kind of brand that I like to support, one the puts good energy out into the universe.

What are your favorite essential oil blends? Do you use them in your home or beauty products?

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