Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Patchwork Initials I "Whipped" Up During Naptime

My baby is one of those good and alert babies, who likes to be talked to and kept entertained. This is amazing and I am so blessed but with this blessing comes a sporadic nap schedule wherein I can only get a smidge of crafting done before Mr. Man is up and at it again. Something I was able to get done though? In only a couple of naptimes? Well, I made some patchwork letters for the lil' dudes nursery... and they are pretty cute if I do say so myself.

I grabbed these cardboard letters from Joann's fabrics for a steal during their 4th of July sales event. (W, E and S spells Wes) During the same event, I nabbed a half yard of some quilting fabrics that match the wooded theme we have in the baby's nursery and some tacky glue and I had a cute and super easy craft that rang in for less than $15.

Naptime One: I cut each of the fabrics into different shapes and sizes. The idea was to make a fabric collage onto the letters. I cut the pieces big enough so that I could fray the ends a little bit for an added dramatic effect. I was just about to start gluing and my new roommate woke up and demanded that I attend to him.

Naptime Two: Since I had everything ready to go, I hit the ground running. I just started gluing away, trying to keep the pieces looking organic and not too much of one color in one area. I made it through the W and most of the E before mister man needed some attention.

Naptime Three: E took longer to finish than I thought... and Wes didn't nap as long as usual... still not finished.

Naptime Four: I finished! Ugh... While this was simple, it was more time consuming than I anticipated especially with new (but welcomed) interruptions. I really enjoy making things though so will continue to try to fit some time in to keep myself creative

This was a simple craft to complete and really adds a little personality to the nursery. I think anyone is capable of rocking this out for a nursery, kids room or even an adult space. Easy Peasy!

Have you ever tried something like this?


  1. These turned out so cute! Love the frayed edges!

  2. Ah super cute! I'm not this crafty or this patient, haha


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