Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nesting Can Be Dangerous for the Change Purse

I think that even before I got pregnant, I had a good shopping instinct ;-). Now that I am pregnant? I am downright dangerous with a credit card. Besides the recently obsessive cleaning, I really just want to buy things all the time. I stopped off at Ann Taylor Loft on my way to Trader Joe's the other day, on a whim and bought three dresses on clearance with an additional 50% off. Will they fit me in a month's time? Nope. Did it feel good to buy them? Hells yes it did.

I have to categorize my recent shopping/hoarding/nesting instincts into different categories in order to justify the recent bulge in expenses and to my husband, who is currently in a world of hurt trying to keep up with me and ever changing emotions/ideas/shopping habits, this can help him get a bigger picture ;-)

Thirty One Hang Up Space Saver, $50, Keep it Caddy, $22, and the Organizing Utility Tote, $30
This past weekend, I was invited to a Thirty One party... never heard of it and had never been. I had made up my mind before I even got there that I wasn't going to buy anything. Well, once I was there, that "nesting" instinct kicked in and my mind was all a flutter with ideas on how I am going to keep everything nursery related organized and how I will keep my shit together once this lil' parasite comes. I managed to pick up a wall space saver, a caddy and a larger organizing tote. Let's see though, once the products come, how much I will organize with it.

Asos Tube Triangle Earrings, $10, Sam Ubhi Eagle Necklace, $70, Johnnie Loves Rosie Sparkle Green Earrings $22, Jewel Friendship Bracelet, $14 , Warehouse Sprayed Statement Necklace, $33, River Island Color Burst Dangle Earring, $27, New Look Stone Earrings, $10, Asos Curve Dove Bracelets, $14 
I have also wanted to bling up the baby bump. I have been really hankering for some statement jewelry. Every time that I watch Vanderpump Rules (so sue me), I see these huge necklaces the girls are wearing and I think to myself, "I need more jewelry!" Of course, this isn't completely true but it's just a itch that needs to be scratched these days!

HM Zebra Knit Set, $12.95, HM Batman Graphic Tee, $7.95, So' Dorable Knit Critter Cap, $5.00, Ninja Turtles Toddler Tee, $8.00, Burt's Bees Bodysuit Pack, $10.00, Circo Infant Bodysuit, $5.00
This one is an obvious one. I have been scouring sites and stores for adorable baby clothes for me and for everyone else in my life who is either pregnant or has a new baby. I can't control myself from the urge to clothe the children in my life. I have even bought clothes for 12 months, using the justification that by the time that our boy is 12 months old, this adorable Batman shirt won't be available any more! It's become a problem, especially because people tell me that we will get tons of clothes come the shower and via hand me downs.... doesn't stop this nesting Mama though!

Am I alone in this activity? Is it worse because I was already a shopper to begin with?


  1. Your boy is going to be so stylish and cute! I love your outfit picks.

  2. nope, you are not alone. i went through a phase where shopping made me feel bad, but now buying stuff i can wear NOW or that is for the baby feels pretty damn good. get ready for that nesting!

  3. I can't get things clean enough either and I have NEVER been a neat freak. This whole "with child" has been a game changer! We need to get together in March for sure!

  4. That zebra outfit kills me. I won't lie to you, I kind of want to stock up on adorbs baby clothes just in case there's nothing cute when I have kids!

  5. Do not worry, there will be PLENTY to buy your baby when it happens. Take it from me, I have been saving this pink zebra print onesie for YEARS and now I am having a boy lol.


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