Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target, Did You Snag Anything?

So I would say that I am not going to fight for designer collabs and really, I don't but at the end of the day, do I end up getting what I want from designer collabs? Of course, I do... I have the fashion angels on my side ;-). I had my eye on some of the Peter Pilotto for Target items because man, those prints are eye catching. Currently, I am with child, so there aren't terribly too many options that I can partake in but I did set my sites on a bag, cardigan and those sassy sneaks... and with a little panache and my Target Red Card, these babies are all mine.
Peter Pilotto for Target Beach Tote, $39.99, Peter Pilotto for Target Color Block Cardigan, $34.99, Peter Pilotto for Target Slip on Shoe, $29.99

What, if anything, did you snag?


  1. Dang! I always miss out on the cool Target collabs because I do not have one by me. However this Peter Pilotto line looks like a lot of fun and maybe worth the drive.

  2. I NEVER go to the store for collabs. I always hit online and have had good luck with things fitting. Also, if I happen into a Target a month or so later, there are always a couple of things/returns that end up on the clearance rack.

  3. I am an online shopper for sure. I have only ever returned one thing from Target and that was a holiday Tracy Reese top that just didn't look right. All other collabs have been a perfect fit!

  4. I too got sneakers and both frames. I live for Target collabs!


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