Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend, a Wedding, the Cape and Love

Labor day weekend we say goodbye to Summer but this past weekend, the man and I headed down to the cape to say hello to celebrating love and marriage! Our good friends, Noah and Elise, had a vow renewal at the Red Jacket Resort in South Yarmouth. Last Winter, they eloped ever so romantically, had a beautiful baby daughter and decided that this Summer they would invite everyone to celebrate the marriage in style. The man and I were both in the wedding party so we were on the go but we made it special by having a little quality time with each other exploring and also having a fabulous time with our friends together. It was a fantastic way to send the Summer out in style!

Mayur by SNS Jewelry Studio necklace (#SNSSTUNNERS) popped with my Joe Fresh Smocked Blouse and Giant Vintage Sunnies

One of my favorite ways to capture experiences is through Instagram so what better way to recap the weekend for you! And without further ado...

  • No traffic getting down to the Cape, Holla!
  • Since there was no traffic, we were WAY early for the rehearsal... so the man offered to stop anywhere and everywhere. Wicked Thrift was our first stop in W. Yarmouth.
  • The man even encouraged purchases, so of course, I picked up this 70's Tribal maxi skirt and also grabbed a brown suede purchase and an Native American inspired necklace that I can't wait to rock. All were on sale!
  • We went to The Dead Zone, which smelled of patchouli, so I would think you could gather what type of place it was. I was shot straight back to everything I liked early on in high school. Queen, The Grateful Dead, David Bowie and so on and so forth.
  • Antiquing was next where I found all sorts of interesting wares...
  • ... and some really creepy dolls set up in a really creepy fashion under a creepy red light.
  • I set out all of my jewelry for the weekend, including but not limited to my new Mayur by SNS Jewelry Studio necklace, swoon!
  • Our bridesmaid jewelry was Kate Spade, can you just swoon with me?
  • We made sure to keep hydrated the day of. Mimosas and water, alternating of course.
  • The wedding bouquets were gorgeous corals and greens. All of the bridesmaids gave me their flowers and I am going to make some killer post wedding potpourri satchels.
  • The escort cards (that I helped make) were imitation chalkboard, and were a hit!
  • Besides the fabulous wedding, I made a new BFF! This is Holli, one of the groomsmen's girlfriend. She was a huge help and was absolutely the funnest girl to hang out with!

Next weekend it's King Richard's Faire in Carver Ma (which might as well be the Cape again) but I have never been to a Renaissance Faire so that should be da bomb!


  1. Oh I love your blue necklace there!
    Smize with Style

  2. Those instagram shots are so cute and fun! :)


  3. Thanks so much! I think it's a great way to capture things without lugging around a camera!


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