Monday, September 23, 2013

Best and Worst Dressed Emmy's 2013

I didn't watch the Emmy's. I actually watched a Sister Wives marathon all day yesterday and to be honest, I had committed myself to the finale and then reunion. Sorry. From what I have seen and heard, I did not miss much and in looking at the fashion from last night, I wasn't tremendously floored. I feel like I saw a lot of mermaid type strapless gowns... but of course I did have some stand out Best and Worsts, oh the worsts.

Best Dressed of the Night

Zooey Deschanel in J. Mendel ( I would wear this gorgeous dress in this gorgeous color in an instant!), Emily Deschanel in Houghton (love the color and she looks beautiful), Kelly Osbourne in Jenny Packham (Some might not love the lavender and red combo but I think she looks stunning) Kerry Washington in Marchesa (Romantic and angelic much, Kerry?), Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein Collection (She can make no mistakes in my eyes), Kate Mara in J. Mendel (Thank you, Kate, for taking white and making it interesting), Christina Hendricks in Custom Christian Siriano (Glamour oh the glamour) Elisabeth Moss in Andrew Gn (Maybe I love her hair a lot and this dress is just effective enough? I don't know but was drawn in Lizzy!), Julianna Margulies in Reed Krakoff (This could have gone wrong but went oh so right.)

Worst Dressed of the Night
All of my worsts are when bad clothes happen to good people, I just don't understand:
Lena Dunham in Prada (I love this print, for like a sundress or a skirt, not a full length fancy dress), Heidi Klum in Atelier Versace (You know it's bad when one of the best bodies in the world doesn't even look good. What is with the neck? And the color? Is it kind of sparkly?), Mayim Bialik in Emerald Green (Just... No... Mayim, didn't Stacey and Clinton teach you anything?!), The Sheer black Triplets, Seriously guys, it's called sheer in all the wrong places: Aubrey Plaza, Amanda Peet and Lena Headey, Rosci Diaz in Michael Costello (There is a reason Michael Costello didn't win Project Runway),  Zosia Mamet in Honor (Sad bondage boob alert), Julia Louis Dreyfus (I am sorry my favorite Veep but this dress looks like it was made of tons of soda can tabs.)

Who were your faves and not so muches?


  1. I agree with EVERYTHING above! I'd say my top 3 for best are Zooey, Emily & Rose. Gorgeous. Worst - oh my gosh they are all terrible but my award goes to Lena. Fash-hole of the Emmy's!

  2. actually... Zooey's dress looks a bit matronly to me, a bit mother of the bride... and I feel like Christina Hendricks just wears different versions of the same dress over and over. I like Lena Headey's dress, but she should have worn nude pumps or sandals.

  3. I think as I get older I like the more conservative look, like Zooey's but I can see how it would spin matronly. I just can't get on board with Lena's dress. If you look close you can see like the undergarment built into it haha. But you know what? She has a gorgeous body so if anyone could pull it off, she could!

  4. I love Rose so much. She never makes a bad decision in my eyes! And all those black sheer dresses make me nauseous! haha

  5. kerry washington looked amazing, so did anna gunn from breaking bad


  6. I loved Zoey so much - she looked great and I did love Lena's dress. I just thought that the makeup and hair did not work with it at all. Too much blue eyeshadow


  7. i wish Zosia's didnt have that black thing!
    Loved Tina Fey.

  8. Yeah her dress would have been pretty sweet without that bondage bands. Oh man, I loved Tina Fey too. She usually goes w/ Oscar de la Renta type strapless gowns so that blue number was a nice surprise.

  9. You know makeup and hair DO make a different. I think if Aubrey Plaza had a really slicked back tight bun, then that dress may have looked sophisticated rather than mumsy frumpy.

  10. I Love love loved Kerry's dress. She looked so angelic!

  11. I agree with everything you said except I really liked Aubrey Plaza and Lena Headey! Idk maybe it was the fact that they were different and wore long sleeves. And poor Zosia with her weird boob moustache, her mini interview with Giuliana was hilarious though!

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  12. I also loved Zooey's look, she looked exactly like her personality! And gosh, Lena Dunham looks like a cupcake figure .. so awful :D



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