Monday, August 20, 2012

Find the Shoes You Love at the Price You Love

The old Amanda would have seen a pair of shoes that needed to be on her feet and buy them impulsively, wherever it was that she saw them. The new Amanda, however, is more frugal and wise with her sweet moola (see how I waited for my dream wedding or how my man convinced me to wait) so when I embarked on finding shoes my my girl Nathalie's wedding (of which I am a bridesmaid) I wanted the shoes I wanted but I looked for the best price, hands down.

Our only requirements were silver and glittery. There was not a heel height, no shoe style, no nothing... the shoes were a free choice as long as they were silvery and glittery. All the bridesmaids have a different version of the same J.Crew dress in a bright turquoise-teal-cobalty blue. The maid of honor has already chosen a pair of gun metal colored peep toed heels with chunky rhinestones. The other bridemaid is wearing her Jimmy Choo's circa her wedding in April, which are most definitely glittery. My goal was to find something that complimented the two of them... and that is what the Notty from DV by Dolce Vita's (in Titanium Glitter) came into my life.

I poured over every shoe site that I could find, visitied DSW and Famous Footwear. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted. Then I happened upon the Notty's on (remember Zooshoo?). I thought these were the perfect color and right amount of glitter to make for a great contribution to the Hirschtritt-Swartz wedding 2012... but I wasn't about to buy these right away. Nope, I was going to price them out and make sure I was getting the best deal.

Of course, I started with a Google, which then turned to all the Google shopping results. Wow, a lot of the retailers offering the Notty's had them priced at $70-$75 and that was not including shipping.

I even searched on Amazon and Ebay. The only price that compared was on Ebay and guess what, the seller was Zooshoo. While I did spend a good hour plus pricing these shoes out, which some would say was a wasted effort because Zooshoo had the lowest price on these, I was happy knowing that my shoes were the best deal on the web* ($47 and free shipping).

*If a shoe style is most definitely new, I suggest looking in stores as well for best deals or use of coupons. These Notty's were going to be a hard get in brick and mortar store locations so I stuck with the web as my best bet.

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