Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Boston Bloggers Meet Up August 2012

Last night was the August Boston Blogger meetup for all those special bloggers out there, who, well, live in and near Boston. I happen to be a big fan of these types of meet ups because as a blogger, we can all appreciate the hard work, effort and love that our blogs require for upkeep. Because of that, we can be a support system as well as a good place to swap and cultivate ideas, being that we are all bloggers. Bloggers meeting up... it's just neat, OK? Last night's event was held at the Mass Ave Tavern in the Back Bay and was just the right amount of cool for us bloggers to get down and dirtay on a sassy Monday night. They also had a bartender that Mama had a big ol' crush on (sorry future husband!)

Of course, I met some new people as well, which is what the whole networking/meeing night is about, right? In my last Boston Bloggers Meet Up recap, I listed every single person on the guest list but last night's had a lot of awesome bloggers in attendance so I shall only recount the lovely gals I met for the sake of keeping this post short enough not to lose followers ;-)

I was able to chat it up with my girl Sarah from Blue Blinds Media and the upcoming Life After Married, which is is her "sure to be fabulous" new venture launching in October. We caught up on all of our blogging goodness (I guest posted on her blog last week) as well as a little non-blogging stuff. I am sure we could have talked much longer but there is only so much time people!

My good friend Kristin, representing her new blog Bishop and Rook, made her grand entrance at her first Boston Bloggers meetup. Her blog is a fab mix of wine, sarcasm and a little twist of fashion. Visit her site and you can fill in the rest. She is sassay and I love her!

A great thing about these types of meetups is that you can meet people you have actually spoken to online but have never met in person. Like for instance, me and Molly from Wicked Cheap in Boston have been tweeting each other for a little awhile now. I guess you could call it online dating. Well last night was the big reveal and I was not disappointed. What a fantastic sense of humor and oh, she is a masseuse to boot! (I just winked semi creepily at you, Molly). Similarly, I met up with @RedHeadedJen (that is what I will call her) aka Jenn, when we had only spoken online. She digs Teen Lit so obvi, I dig her.

Ginny from Gintastic is admittedly pale (PALE GIRLS UNITE) and loves potatoes. She also has a great sense of humor, which is you hadn't noticed, is something that I very much appreciate. Janee and her hubs Greg, were amongst my faves of the night. While Janee writes and contributes the content to their blog, Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard, Greg, oh sweet Greg, he does her coding and web design. Oh how nice it must be to have a man who helps with your coding, instead of making you learn to do it yourself but I digress. They are a really cool couple, who interestingly enough, live in the same building as Ginny. Huh, small world, am I right?

Other notable meets? Gabby from Kneadle and Bread (adorable play on words, am I right?) has a lovely lifestyle blog where she, you guessed it, bakes! Marie & Jenn from Twin Living are twins who love comic books and are a little bit nerdy, just like me! They were adorable and write about their twinamazing adventures! Elizabeth from Sea Grass Studio hand paints all her beads for these gorgeous necklaces that are art in an of themselves. Ashley from The Welcoming Committee, played rugby in college just like me, yaya rugby girls! Kelly from Gets Me Every Time and her awesome shop Toyidermy, makes these abso fab trinkets made from different toys. She was rocking a dinosaur pin made from pieces of a toy, that I adored! Rayna from Kitchn Table, covers great food related events going on in and around the city.

If I didn't meet you at this meet and greet, let's make it our business to say Hi to one another at the next one. I still feel like there are so many people I haven't met that I most definitely need to. I want to get to know evereeeeerrrrrryyyyyyooooooooooone!

Special thanks to Alison from Long Distance Loving, for throwing a fantastic event!


  1. In case the gif I've been trying to post for like 5 minutes doesn't work: http://bit.ly/SMuUKh

  2. thank you so much for coming, Amanda! this round-up was fab-u-lous. hope to see you at the next one soon! xoxo {av}


  3. Ohhh well thanks for clueing me into this awesome event! I
    loved my debut on the Boston Blogger scene =) Can’t wait for the next one.

  4. Great meeting you and thanks so much for the advice about FB. Thanks for the mention, hope you see you again.

  5. It was so great to meet you. I had to run out of there, so I didn't get to say "so long" to anyone. But I had a blast too! Such a fun Monday night!

  6. Yay for Rugby! So great meeting you :)

  7. How did we miss each other??? The event was definitely a blast - so sad we didn't get to catch up. No excuses next time!!! Happy Labor Day Weekend! xoxo, Sara


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