Sunday, September 5, 2010

We Are Not Promised Tomorrow

Just got off the phone with my Mom. It's my Dad's birthday and he has modestly and simply requested a funfetti cake for his birthday dinner and that is all. We had a conversation about my grandparent's health and some of my mother's patients (she's an RN) and we had a good discussion about putting things in perspective, the ol' "life is short" schtick or rather none of us are promised tomorrow.

I just recently visited NC where my parents, sisters, grandparents, Aunt, Cousin and my cousin's new baby live. This visit made me really miss being close to my family because every day that goes by we miss what happens every day you know?

We shared a great lunch at a cool railroad car type restaurant, walked around a cute town, vintage clothes shopped, visited the baby, went to Olive Garden... it was one of those good timey feeling weekends (despite the airline travel ugh).

We enjoyed eachother's company, laughed and even had the time to get a little irritated but really, we aren't promised tomorrow so we should spend time with the people we love as much as possible. This is something I need to be reminded of often.

PS. I thinks me wants to live in NC... even though when my parents moved there I promised them I would never follow... but man...

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