Thursday, September 30, 2010

Somethin' I'm workin' On

We'll call this "purple-turquoise birdie", ok? Pretty obvious I know. The gorgeous fabric from Pink Chalk... all I can say is that I just dug out some stuff and started working. The end result is to be a clutch/ handbag but we shall see what comes to fruition here. No matter what though, I am having fun feeling it out.

One evening, tired of the project I have been currently working on, I just grabbed my cutting mat and blade  and plopped myself on the living room floor. I cut the quilting fabric all different square/ rectangular shapes and started pinning together the fabric on a stiff canvas backing. I kept working and working, (stopping only to watch my DVR'd Scream Queens 2 finale) until I made a whale out of the fabric. Point of information: I am in love with the whale... and am inspired by said whale. Must keeping working on this project.

To be continued...

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