Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh to be a kid again...

Do you remember the days where the biggest thing that you had to worry about was whether or not your parent's would get a copy of The Little Mermaid before it went back in the vault? Or what would happen if your mom ever found out you "lost" the itchy wool winter hat she sent you to school wearing? Or if Jaws The Movie was made with real people? (actually strike that, as that did cause me some legitimate worry as a child)... anyhoos, what I am trying to say is that being a kid was waaaaaay less stressful than being an adult.

Being a child held such amazement and dreamy eyedness, that I really wish that I could go back and motivate myself to really go for the gold, so to speak. To take the dreams I had and to not let them get squashed down by years of maturing and societal persuasions. To be totally true to what I wanted to be (then a fashion designer).

Take a look at the picture I took at The Life is Good fest this past weekend. The little boy in the center just stuck to me. Most grown boys (or as they sometimes like to be called, men) would never be caught dead with a heart painted on his face... but this sweet, innocent and abso-fabulously adorable young boy obviously wanted a heart on his face because he was feelin' the love... and he didn't care who knew about it. This kid, if you had witnessed him as I did, was loving his life. This, I imagined, was the biggest parachute he had ever experienced.... more than likely, these were the prettiest girls he'd ever parachuted with (see face painted girl to the left and pink lady crawling behind)... this was his day.

At what age did I transition into totally boring? When did I start worrying more about what people thought about me and what I did than about what I really wanted to be doing?  Where did I put my denture cup?

Me thinks that I gots to try to grasp at what is left of my dreamyeyedness and mold it to fit my life now. I gotta parachute with the cute boys and paint hearts on my face...  I mean, isn't that the life?

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