Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Sticker Mule Fueling All my Branding Dreams

*This post is in collaboration with Sticker Mule. Even though I might get some free stickers out of this deal, I have purchase from them with my real money, many, many, many times before... so you know that I am legit on the level.

I think I discovered Sticker Mule on twitter because they have one of those accounts with personality and someone most definitely shared something and I was like what is this all about? Fast forward to my launch of Propah Pieces (before the world forever changed over the coronavirus) and I knew that I wanted to have some sort of swag that I could afford, so I orders some of the Sticker Mule custom stickers. Not only was the ordering process super easy, and they send a proof before you complete the order, but the stickers were in my mailbox within a couple days. It really was such an easy first experience with them, that it was a no brainer when I wanted pins and more stickers!

What I also love about Sticker Mule is that they're always running little deals so if there is a product you've had your eye on for your brand or business, but didn't want to pull the trigger just yet, they let you order a small quantity at a deal depending on what their promo is that week or month. I think it's a pretty cool program and it's exactly how I got hooked on the pins for Propah Pieces and my voting series of pins as well!

If you know what's good for you, Follow Sticker Mule on Twitter and check out all of their good stuff on the site. Whether you're creating stickers for Galentine's Day (like I did for my girlfriends this year) or pumping up your branding, I just love the crew over there!

Find Sticker Mule on their website, twitter, facebook, and instagram!

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