Sunday, April 12, 2020

Little DaVinci mighty vite

*This blog post was created in collaboration with Little DaVinci and MomsMeet. All opinions are 100% my own and this blog post was written from my point of view.

MomsMeet has introduced me to some great suppliments in the past and they're back with a nice alternative for our kids. I know it's a strange time to be writing about lifestyle topics and reviewing things on the blog but I've mentioned before that when I make committments, I most certainly keep them. This is no different. The team over at Little DaVinci sent me a great selection of kids supplements to take a peek at and see if they would be a good fit for my family.

I am always very careful about what I give my kids, even though they're healthy kids, who don't have any known allergies, I always suggest that you take a look at products, do your research on ingredients and ensure that if you question something, check in with your child's doctor. Our doctor's office has a great telehealth and email system so I can easily ask questions without going to the office in person. Make sure to give them a heads up if you want to put your kids on a new supplement.

Mighty Vite  This is possible supplement to replace the gummy multi vitamin that so many of us give our children. This is a "delicious, fruit-punch-flavored multivitamin that packs together critical nutrients to support your child’s health." This supplement is a harder sell for my kids in that it's a powder that you dissolve into food or drink. My kids like a good gummy but this seems like it would be perfect for parents that have issues getting their kids to take anything. This could be easily put into a moring yogurt or smoothie, though I wasn't able to get it to dissolve into water completely, that could be an option too.

Immuni- Z   This is something that I could possibly give my kindergartner (not my three year old) and seems like a good option, especially now when people are accutely aware of keeping our immune systems in tip top shape. If your kids aren't getting all the vitamins and minerals through the food they're eating then the DiVinci Kids Immuni-Z might be a good option for you. "A tasty lemon zinc lozenge that promotes healthy immune system function."

Calm- This was probably the most intriguing to me. My kids are rough at bedtime. I'm sure that a lot of parents have issues getting their kids to settle down. This spray bottle touts "Calm settles the brain, relaxes the body, and leads to a good night’s sleep for your little one"... we plan to try this out this week, though my youngest is too young to try and he's our main wild one but we're hopeful that this may be a natural option in the future!

All in all, DaVinci Kids looks like they have a great selection of vitamins and supplements for the kids in your family and perhaps some specific needs you're looking to help address.

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