Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Saturday in Kennebunkport: Away from the Day to Day

I want to start writing on the blog again, just telling the people who still check in, well, tell them what I am up to once in awhile. This past weekend, I took a day trip to Kennebunkport with some of my blogger gal pals, a trip that's been on the books since at least May-- and we made it up there for some weaving, eating and beauty business!

Kerin of Cape Porpoise Trading Co. invited us up to her home studio in Kennebunkport, ME to learn to weave doormats using lobster rope rescued from fishermen along the coast. She set up and adorable brunch for us and her chickens (mostly Big Momma pictured above right before she stole a danish) while we all took turns weaving our very own mats. It was a ton of fun and I love having something tangible to take home from crafty endeavors!

Kerin, pictured below, was very patient with us (mostly me) as we learned the ropes (heyoooo) but it was just so amazing to see this woman, taking an art, a craft and making it a business that works for her and her family. I find this to be utterly crushworthy and therefore, I proclaim that I am now crushing on Kerin of Porpoise Trading Co.

As you can see, we all smiled and did some weaving and made rugs and it was a joy to begin a day that way. We moved on to lunch in Kennebunkport proper. Eating, eating, eating, nom nom nom... The Boathouse was delicious and accomodating, right on the water- would recommend!

Our last stop was with the girls with SaltyGirl out of Biddeford, just a short drive away. These ladies are some of my favorites that I've met through WELL Summit. They are sisters who have not only started a business, but it's a business with a huge heart. They wrote a great recap post on our visit, which should fill you in our silliness, but suffice to say, it was such a lovely and beauty-full way to end our day.

Check out my girl Elizabeth's post for a different take on our day, yo!

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