Monday, November 20, 2017

Just Add Cooking- New England Based Meal Box

*This post was sponsored by Just Add Cooking. All opinions are my own.

I think that I've tried pretty much every meal subscription box in the universe at this point so I know what I'm talking about when it comes to ease of use, freshness of ingredients, recipes and waste (more on that later). This past week, as I was preparing us to travel to both my family's place as well as my in-laws', meal prep, planning and the like was not a priority to me... so I was pretty stoked to have Just Add Cooking send me a box to prepare some family friendly meals all from New England sources! The meal box was delivered on a Sunday by a local driver so I was able to prep some meals for our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So many fresh ingredients and the recipes for this week were right up our alley and we even got a brand new one to our family unit, the West African Peanut Stew. It's was the only vegetarian option in our box this week but was definitely my favorite. What I loved about each recipe was that I could really cook them even when multitasking which is pretty much my life past 430pm. The directions were easy, the ingredients simple to prep and the outcome was pretty dang good.

The dish was so good that I started eating and was like Doh! I was supposed to take a picture for my blog post! Let me just tell you that you can take it from me that it was such an interesting dish, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients and I used collard greens which was a first for me. And as if this wasn't enough for me, I have to say that the Just Add Cooking box is the lowest in added waste out of all the boxes that I've even used. In every single other box we've ordered, my husband always comments about all the added stuff that is put in the box to help keep things cold, obviously important when transporting food... but that said, a lot of times the freezer packs aren't ice but that cold gelatinous goo that you know is some sort of chemical that won't break down nicely into the environment. If you make it a habit of ordering meal boxes, you'll be either stockpiling these or throwing them in a landfill, neither of which makes sense for this Mama's life. Just Add Cooking came nicely packed in cardboard with a frozen water bottle to keep things cool. Because this is local to New England, it doesn't need to be packed to travel two days on the road.

I've been trying to shop smaller, shop from more local farms and sources so this meal box really combined my love of those things. I would recommend to try it since it really is a great opportunity to have a low waste, locally sourced and pretty tasty meal box delivered right to your door.

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