Thursday, October 12, 2017

What's Wowing Me in Wellness

Things come and go in your life and that includes what's working for you in the wellness space. There are a few things that I'm really digging lately so I wanted to just chat about what's new in my wellness world that I think you should know about. I guess we could call it "What's Wowing Me in the Wellness Space!" Wellness can mean a lot of things but to me, it's all about a healthy balance of what makes me happy, healthy and a joy to be around. If I can tell you about something you've never heard of and it can make you happier, well then it's worth me shoutin' out to ya!

I've been a big fan of Elena Brower for a long time and I'm sure you remember me raving about her Yoga Deck, Art of Attention that I had discovered from my friend Rebecca Casciano. Her new journal was just released this Fall and I snatched it RIGHT UP. Practice You (pictured above) is gorgeous, painted with watercolors and sprinklings of other images. Elena writes soft prompts to help guide you in journaling. gathering your thoughts through writing, self discovery and reflection. It can be therapeutic to quiet the mind and this journal is the perfect thing for that, especially if you are low on time. One page while a baby naps works like a charm! Snag Practice You on Amazon.

It's a fitness and stress tracker that I'm sure you've seen advertised because, well, it's super pretty! They were super kind to let me try a Leaf Urban (pictured above as a necklace) and I've been really into keep track of everything from my sleep, steps, stress, reproductive health and can log everything from breastfeeding to meditation to yoga to running. It's a nice twist on the regular tracker, you can wear it as a necklace or as a bracelet, interchanging with different options. You sync your Bellabeat with an app on your smartphone and double tap to refresh your sync. It's super easy and I'm truly smitten with it. I had that other fitness tracker and it busted not even a year into it and the replacement I received lasted even less time. It was about time to give another brand a try and the Bellabeat is not disappointing me so far. Find Bellabeat on their site, Amazon and

I discovered Indacreations at a JUGs Ladies Lounge this past Summer. The panel was full of interesting and successful women but I was drawn most to Caroline Mauro and her wellness tools for the gypsy soul. I bought one of her Inda Ritual Wraps, which includes INDA Smudge Stick, Abalone Shell Smudge Tray, Palo Santo Stick, Selenite Wand, Loose Crystal Quartz and an INDA Strike Spark Heal Matchbook. (pictured above). There's something very special about the ritual of cleansing a room or your home before and after guests arrive/depart or when you just feel like you need a better energy. It may seem new age-y but I don't look at it that way at all. It calms me and helps me take a quiet moment to myself (notice a theme here?) and whether it's just glorified incense or something that truly does energize, either way, I love the bundle I grabbed. I think next on my Indacreations list is one of Caroline's Inda Pipe Necklaces!

This isn't so much something that I'm using but more so I'm excited is a thing! Wellness at Work is the newly launched brainchild of Becky Shade, a lovely lady that I met long ago through the Boston Blogger community. Becky was looking for a wellness based job search site that didn't really exist so she knew she needed to fill the void. She wanted to find a site that would cater to those employers and prospective employees whose specialties lived in the wellness space whether fitness + yoga instructors, natural beauty experts, reiki healers, juice bar associates, health coaches and more! It's going to be the ultimate in posting and finding the perfect position for those seeking to make their lives and those of others the best that they can be! Speaking of positions, Wellness at Work is looking for an intern... do you have a love of wellness and connecting with people? Check out the job description here. Are you an employer looking to book a posting on Wellness at Work? Create an employer profile here. I love this site and I cannot wait to watch it grow, and once I have my reiki training under my belt, perhaps find that perfect place for me!

What's Wowing you in Wellness these days?

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