Monday, February 6, 2017

Bring on the Brunch: Lincoln Tavern Boston

Since I'm on maternity leave, a brunch on a Friday morning is not completely out of the question people, so when I was invited by Lincoln Tavern to try their Brunch Test Kitchen menu, I grabbed my baby and was like "bring on the brunch!" I love food, that's no secret and the brunch test menu is like inventive and creative, delicious and drool-worthy... and that's just the alcohol. 😂 I'll give you the play by play because, I mean, don't you want to live vicariously through my dining adventures?

I was like Gina (our super sweet and attentive server), Gina get this Mama some coffee. Everyone "don't you want a mimosa?" nope, give me the coffee. I knew I would have two cups, because I was living large! Nothing is wrong with mimosas, actually quite the contrary... but when you're still not getting tons of sleep (read: infant), mimosas early in the day will make you tired. Coffee came and the coffee was good!

I did take a picture of Christy's Brunch Punch because it looked truly tasty/refreshing/satisfying/all of those types of adjectives. She enjoyed it and recommends it in the future (makes mental note). Some of the other girls (hi Annie, Robin, Leah, Kim and Kim!) partook in the bubbly and all the individual juices that they brought out for mix your own mimosas. It was widely a hit.

Then the food, the glorious food, started making it's way to our table. Nutter Butter type parfaits, fancy hot pockets, calamari, Fruity Pebble pancakes and the deliciousness goes on. The table enjoyed photographing our food, blogger style and then sharing everything tasty with one another. While everything that I had was delicious, hands down, my favorite thing on the Brunch Test Kitchen menu was the Smoked Salmon Pizza: house smoked salmon, everything spiced crust, Boursin cheese, baked egg, shaved red onions and capers... literally this was my everything and more. I cannot recommend it enough. I hope that Lincoln Tavern adds this to their permanent brunch menu because this woman can't stop thinking about getting her next salmon pizza fix.

All in all, this was a fantastic, affordable meal. I'm told that the restaurant is family friendly though the area does get louder and more adult as the day goes on so if you're bringing the kids, I'd recommend hitting the brunch early (they do have highchairs and boosters). The food is great and you can take my word for it.

Lincoln Tavern is located at 425 W Broadway, South Boston, MA 02127

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