Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Craft Space Refresh- Sponsored by Wayfair

When we were looking at houses to buy, we wanted to be sure that both my husband and I would have "spaces" that we could call our own, an office of sorts for him and a crafting/sewing area for me. We thought that we had found the perfect place in our finished basement, a series of corners where we would make our house a home. Fast forward to present day and you'll see on any given day, that the "office" and "craft area" are one in the same, crowded into a nook in that very same basement where we saw so much promise. It was just recently that I was like "THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!" because I'm more worried about what I've got to clean or organize that I never actually create anything.

I had an idea what I wanted to do, which is to revamp the area with some simple organization and some great little pieces that would help me do that. I wanted to give my husband an L in our square for his desk and office equipment (shredder + printer) and give myself the same space but ensure that it didn't feel cluttered (because neither of us want to work in clutter)

So I'm going to show you some pretty embarrassing BEFORE pictures. I mean, I've seen some messy craft spaces but I'm thinking that mine takes the cake based on size and how much I was shoving in it. I mean, the whole point was to organize right? In order to show you a true transformation, I've got to paint a picture so here we go. You'll see vision boards, patterns, notions, zippers,books and so much ore strewn in a corner.

See? I was kind of desperate for a revamp/organization/upgrade... Creativity, or at least mine, is stifled by the mess and enough is enough. You know that I love me some Wayfair so I took to the site to see what I could find that would work on a budget and in my space... thankfully there was more than enough to choose from to make a svelte new little space that begged to have me creating! What I knew that I needed to do was to get all of my crap and organize it in a way that I knew where it was and it wasn't hanging out all over the place. Of course, this took me weeks to do but I was finally able to pull together not only a space that was functional but on that is cute as well. I moved all of the office stuff (the printer, magazines, stapler, books) to the desk area using a closet organizer (so affordable but so effective!) and make the craft corner just mine. Getting all the pictures and trinkets moved and/or into storage left the natural light situation much better and the space was really starting to shape up.


To be honest, a lot of my problem was letting the clutter get the better of me but with the help of lots of stacking bins and drawers and baskets, I was able to get my business under control. I am really happy with my new, sleek space. I'm more comfortable being creative in this space as it cultivates peace and not anxiety! I still have plans to label my drawers but in the meantime, I need to start "making" again!

What do you think? Did I improve the small space? I think the question answers itself!

*Wayfair did provide some products for free while I purchased some others. This was a collaborative effort to help me be more creative! Thank you for supporting the brands that support Prim and Propah!

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