Monday, April 4, 2016

Swap It Like It's Hot Craft Swap

Squeeeee this is my first craft swap! What is a craft swap, you say? Well, here's the sitch: Everyone runs around and shops their favorite thrift store/ flea market/ yard sale. Once you’ve found a cart load of stuff for yourself (hypothetically), find a few items (spend no more than $10) that have real makeover potential. Shipping’s on you so… a $10 papasan chair might be tricky. Readers really enjoy the true makeovers vs. something that’s just styled pretty. So put your thinking caps on! I eagerly awaited my package to come...

Jillian of I am a Homemaker sent me a prize pack full of interesting items! At first I was like, ummm what do I do? Then I was like, I have to use the gazelles! I had these delusions of grandeur that I would saw them in half and create a little stand for my desk using the vintage red tin. Well, I don't own the right kind of saw that could get through the VERY solid wood that those stags were made of... so being the spontaneous crafter that I am (not always a good thing) I took a hammer to them... I know, how stupid. Their heads cracked right off and I felt like it was taking such a creepy turn. Basically, I had to scrap my plans to use ONLY the items that Jillian sent me. I grabbed one of my many mini mason jars and decided to make it into what I thought would be a really cool screw off tray for sewing supplies while holding all my push pins (bonus: keeping them out of toddler hands). Enter black spray paint and then things just got dark, both literally and figuratively. Buuut in a craft swap, you can't just quit, you gotta power through. Enter gorilla glue and the pictures tell the rest.

When I showed my husband what I'd made, his first response was "That's weird". He thought I was sending this along to someone else but when I told him that it was for me, he seemed to think it was less weird, maybe because I'm so weird? It's of no matter haha. I actually think it's super cute and will definitely have it alongside my sewing machine because it will come in handy in my work space. I loved this experiment and it was definitely a challenge, but one that I loved.

What do you think? Is it cool or is it creepy or is it both?

So do you want to see what I sent along? Jeanie at Create and Babble received something that spun around (that was a selling point for me) and had lots of slots like a toothbrush holder. Her husband figured out that it might have been for pipes in it's past but I am stoked to see what she came up with! So head on over to see her creation:

Also if you want to check out the other gals rocking it out today and the rest of the week, here ya go!


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