Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Spotlight on Seaweed

So, unless you're living under a rock, you must have heard by now that seaweed is good for many things, not just for making sushi (although, sushi is very, very delicious) but it also has super exciting benefits for our skin. It is not uncommon for seaweed to be used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, but even us regular ol' dry skin sufferers can benefit from the powers of seaweed. I have been genuinely intrigued by this (you must know that I have been on the natural beauty kick this year) and I think it's something to be embraced, when ingredients are harvested from the soil or ocean, then used in an effective way, in our bath, body and beauty products. I first found Seaweed Bath Co in a Whole Foods one day and have been a really big fan since picking up that first bottle of Citrus body wash. Fast forward a year or so and I happened to win one of their instagram giveaways, connected with Allison over at SBC and here we are, ready to talk a little bit about their brand!

So Allison, what's your story? How did Seaweed Bath Company come to be? 

My husband, Adam, and I started The Seaweed Bath Co. a little over 5 years ago. Adam is a long-time psoriasis sufferer, and he started researching alternatives to prescribed medications. He discovered bladderwrack seaweed and starting ordering it from a lady in Ireland, who was handpicking it off of the beach there. It was reducing the redness and irritation on his skin and really changing his life. After testing the seaweed on other psoriasis sufferers, we decided to launch an entire product line using this amazing seaweed and The Seaweed Bath Co. was born. We now sustainably hand-harvest the seaweed off the coast of Maine and use it in our entire product line.

I'm a big fan of your Citrus body wash. What SBC products are in your shower? 

Always SBC products, of course, but I switch up the scent depending on my mood. Currently, I am using the Detox Cellulite Soap, the Citrus Argan Shampoo and Conditioner and the Lavender Body Wash.

I love your brand's core values (passionate, innovative,  authentic, eco-conscious, inspiring) but I think I am most intrigued the "authenticity" piece... I am always drawn to authentic people; I love to feel like someone is being true to themselves and real with me. Why do you guys hold this value near and dear? 

Authenticity is key. It is something I have always looked for in every product I use. The Seaweed Bath Co. is not just our business, it's our passion. We started the company to make a difference in peoples' lives, and it's important that we are true to our values and our mission. We want to connect with our customers, and we want our customers to connect to our products. What you see is what you get, and we are incredibly proud of our company, our team and every product we make. 

Truth time. You founded SBC with your husband (if I have done my research right). I think that's awesome but knowing myself, if I worked with my husband, he miiiiiight get on my nerves ;-). How do you guys find that balance with work, home life, love and all the other stuff? 

Amazingly, we work well together because we each have different strengths and weaknesses, and we recognize and appreciate them in each other (no BS!). We have two young daughters at home, and I would have to say that The Seaweed Bath Co. is our third (and possibly most demanding) child.  Adam is in charge at work, and he takes the lead on most projects, but it is rare for either of us to make a decision without discussing it with the other first. It can be hard to separate work and home life, and I had to admit that we probably talk about business more than either of us would like, but overall I would say we have a good balance and I'm extremely proud of how we make it work so well. 

Have you, yourself, ever harvested Seaweed? If you're ever in Maine, I'd love to meet you for an excursion ;-) 

I personally have never been on a harvesting trip because I do not leave our girls unless I really have to. When they get a little older, the whole family will go. Adam goes a few times every summer, when we do most of our harvesting. He would love for you to join the team sometime!

What can we expect from Seaweed Bath Company in the future? 

We are in the final stages of developing a new line involving cutting edge science and technology. We plan to debut it at the beginning of 2016 - stay tuned!

A big thank you to Allison not only for this interview but for donating a gift basket to our Harpoon Fundraising event on August 27th, 2015. Not only that, she also sent samples for all the gift bags, so *snaps* to SBC for not only being a great brand with effective products but for also being charitable, kind and an all around nice people!

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