Friday, January 3, 2014

Epic Holiday Crafting Fail

This past week, the man and I headed down to the Carolinas... first to see my family in NC then later in the week we drove to SC to see his. It was lovely and of course we had all manner of plans to ensure that we spent our time with our families having fun and enjoying each other's company. One thing that I planned for my Mom and my sisters to do together with me is crafting, obvi a fave pastime. I had the perfect idea! My Mom mentioned to me that her Christmas dinner table was all manner of cremes and golds. The weekend before the holidays, I had seen my girl Elizabeth whip together some awesome gold glasses with simply a little gold paint, all for a blogger get together. She mentioned how easy it was and I was convinced that my fam could handle the challenge. I even went as far as to tell my Mom not to buy any gold glasses because we had it covered! Oooooor not so much....

I grabbed some glasses on the cheap as well as the recommended Martha Stewart Gilding paint in brass and gold, my paint brushes and we were ready to go! We sat down with grand plans to paint gorgeous polka dots, simple stripes, and classy cool designs... what happened was nearly the exact opposite. It started with my mother's first glass. She intended to write Merry Christmas and it somehow turned into "Me heart Merry Christmas", which left my sister and I in stitches. To be honest, to us, the paint was sort of difficult to work with and obviously takes practice to get somewhat right. Perhaps we didn't have the perfectionism in us that night or perhaps the world needed a "Me Heart" series of glasses... but our desire to get the glasses just right ended promptly when my Mother decided her nails needed to be painted and started combining both the nail polish and gilding paint. That is when I knew anything serious was out the window and running far, far away from us. So much for a blog post about how I come from a long line of amazing crafters, look what we did!

My Mom literally finished her Me heart Merry Christmas glass and her nail polish number, then apparently lost interest in what we were doing, left the room and watched her recorded Christmas SNL. My sister and I proceeded to pump out all manner of ridiculous glasses to that everyone who attended our Holiday dinner would have the opportunity to drink from something amazing. I think the fumes from the paint (yes, there were fumes) drove my sister to write something in Hebrew, I painted what I called the "Me Heart" series and also a glass that said "Who Invited Linda?" Linda is my mother.

While this did not go exactly as I had planned, one thing is for certain... we had an awesome time. We laughed and enjoyed each other's company so I would say that it was $16 well spent. At our holiday dinner, everyone had a good laugh at our ridiculous glasses and surprisingly a couple of people even drank from them (not to worry, we washed them prior to use). So I would say that while this was an epic crafting fail it was an awesome memory making experience worthy of a blog post.

What do you think of our artistic venture?


  1. first, that Martha and her supplies put us all to shame.
    second, I only painted dots and a large 'swooshy' area - I did not attempt to write with that paint. you, my friend, are super ambitious.
    third, I love that you did this with your family!

  2. You had some fun family bonding time and now you have the memories forever LOL!

  3. First - I have to party with your Mother. Second - you are so creative I love your every idea.

  4. This makes me laugh everytime I look at it. Me heart you!

  5. I think I'd LOVE a "Me Heart Kittens" glass. Well done!! I want to party and paint with you soon.


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