Monday, October 7, 2013

I am a Sara Bareilles Convert

So last night was my first Sara Bareilles concert. My friend Alicia had grabbed two tickets to her October show at The Orpheum Theater in Boston, MA and asked me to come. In all honesty, a month ago, I only knew Love Song, King of Anything and her new one, Brave... because they play them on the radio stations that I listen to. Alicia lent me her copy of the newest DC, The Blessed Unrest, and I legit listened to it on repeat for the past month in preparation. You know, so I wouldn't be sitting there with a blank stare on my face while everyone else was oozing excitement (which they were).

Alicia gushed leading up to the show. Oh, Sara is so talented. Oh Sara is so funny, she tells stories and is just hilarious. Sara is gorgeous and so on and so forth. Alicia has a self proclaimed girl crush. After listening to the CD, I had my favorite songs and was prepared to mildly enjoy the show. Truth be told, I didn't really feel that great so wasn't stoked about staying up late for a concert... but that all changed when we got to The Orpheum. The Amanda who said "I hate opening acts" turned into the Amanda loving Harper Blynn, Sara's opener. The Meh feeling I had turned into complete adoration of Sara Bareilles. Everything Alicia gushed about was completely spot on. She was effing amazing. So talented, hilarious and gracious with an audience that I found annoying at times (stage rushers ugh). I am a total Sara Bareilles convert and will be first in line next time Sara is in town. Moral of the story? I need to be more open minded about music. There are pretty amazing artists out there that I need to experience.

You can follow Sara's escapades on Twitter and Instagram. She is fairly hilarious. 


  1. I LOVE that you dedicated a post to this!!! Yay for Sara Bareilles!!

  2. Sara Bareilles is totally my spirit animal. I want to be her when I grow up. I went to her show with OneRepublic in Denver in August and she's a completely flawless human being! :D


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