Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RocksBox, a Jewelry Styling Service

I was recently gifted a 6 month subscription to RocksBox, a jewelry styling service. The premise is simple, much like any mail box service, you fill out a survey, a box is catered to your likes/dislikes and you are sent some goodies to try. I was really excited about this. It seemed like a fantastic way to try out jewelry or basically just borrow it for a temporary stay in your casa. They offer the option to purchase as well so if you absolutely fall in love with something not wanting to return it, you can just buy it! Voila!

I signed up for my subscription and while I am usually patient with this type of thing, it took over a month to be processed. They reported a spike in subscription requests and never thought they would have so much interest so fast. That is really good for them but it left me a little sour before I'd even received my first shipment. In RocksBox's defense, I was sent an email apology for the delay, a $10 credit was deposited in my account and was assured that once I started the service, there would not be any lag time. If I had paid for this service, it would have been a turn off... but I didn't soooo want to see what cam in my first box and what I thought of their jewelry? Read more after the jump.

When I did finally receive the first box, I eagerly opened what I had been waiting for for over a month. I didn't even remember what I had logged in my style survey so I was curious as to what RocksBox sent me. It was mildly disappointing. Along with a prepaid return envelope, I received two pairs of earrings, one of which arrived broken (don't worry, I just need to send them back. They returned my email right away along with another credit for the trouble) and I also received a necklace, of which I thought was nice and I would at least wear once before sending back. The earrings that I LOVE and was immediately like "OK, I can see what this service is about, introducing you to new jewelry"... are $144.00. I am doing OK for myself but I don't think I will be spending that much money on a pair of really cool but not super versatile earrings. You know? I don't blame this on RocksBox, this is my being cheap-y haha.

I don't want you to think that I am totally knocking Rocksbox... because I plan to use the rest of my subscription to the fullest. The idea is still there and hopefully they get to know me better. They offer a way to rate your box so that they can cater your future boxes to your style. That's fine by me. It's a monthly membership fee but you can keep jewelry longer than a month or return it right away for a new shipment. You can make the most out of your membership and look at it the way it makes the most sense for you.

Overall, I will likely use my Rocksbox to the end of my subscription as a means of borrowing some great jewelry and incorporating the baubles into looks. As for purchasing any of the jewelry? We'll see. I do love the current Druzy earrings and maybe something that I love just as much, and a little more affordable, will come a knockin' in the future. I will surely keep you all updated on how the rest of my membership turns out.

Have any of you joined RocksBox? What do you think?

*I received a subscription for Free in order to review via Ifabbo. All opinions are 100% my own, as always.


  1. I haven't heard of this, but what fun! I'm pretty sure I'd want to keep it all. I'm going to go take a peek now!

  2. I also have never heard of this service. I don't feel that strongly about jewelry to be tempted to try a service like this AND being the germ-phoebe I am the thought of receiving earrings that have already been worn by someone else kind of skeeves me.

  3. Georgina CastellucciMay 24, 2013 at 9:51 AM

    I absolutely love those earring! I have never heard of RocksBox but it sounds like a fun concept (though I do feel the same as Melissa about the earrings..)


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