Monday, July 23, 2012

Get the Looks: Olympics Fashion

There has been a smidge of controversy over designer fashions for the Olympic athletes (ahem, Ralph Lauren manufacturing uniforms overseas rather than in the USA tsk tsk) but overall, I am extremely excited that the Olympics, throwing a little more fashion into the mix, has gotten that much more interesting to me. I picked some of my favorite looks from around the globe yo, and put together some looks for those opening ceremony parties you're going to!
Team USA
Being from the USA, gotta start with the preppy opening ceremony uniforms for Team USA. An easy look to recreate, its blazers, crisp Summer white and  a little patriotic flare. Let's see how I would wear this in honor of my Olympic party people.

Pictured here: Ralph Lauren Wool Blazer, Converse White Canvas Sneakers, Serena Broderie Dress and  Rockabilly Patriotic Head Wrap from Etsy (I am not wearing a wool beret in the Summer)

Team New Zealand
I personally think that the uniforms from New Zealand are cute. They may not be the most fashion forward but they are certainly wearable and approachable. I think every country wants their team to represent the every day kind of person and these black and white color schemed looks are very friendly and upbeat. 

Pictured here: Black Animal Print Dress, Miso Glam Sparkle Heart Earrings, Comme des Garcons PLAY Sneakers and H&M Black and White Blazer

Team South Korea

South Korea's uniforms may look a little like they are going out on their yacht but I have always been a huge fan of the nautical look. Also, they do look a smidge hipster but that is fine by me.

Pictured here: Black Hip Length Black Blazer, CC Diamond Color Block Scarf, H&M Striped Tee, Ollie Women's Oxford Flats and Willis Petite White Chinos

Which country has your favorite uniforms this year?


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  2. Can't wait to watch the opening ceremony tonight!


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