Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DailyLook.com, did I Like?

So if you saw my most recent outfit post (I Walk my Dog in Platforms), you might be wondering about the teal button down/button back blouse that I was wearing. Well, I picked that beauty up from DailyLook.com for a great deal. My introduction to DailyLook.com is another instance of Klout giving me a perk that I actually was happy to use. As an incentive to try out the site for the first time, Klout Influencers were given a $10 gift code to use towards a purchase. My first thought was "What the heck am I going to get for $10?" ... well, Dailylook.com has some really affordable looks; I was actually surprised the bang for your buck on this site.

 How it works is there is a look (or two) every day, and the site gives you the opportunity to purchase that look from head to toe. From shoes and accessories to the actual clothing, you can purchase every piece. Like I said before, my initial thought was that it would be totally expensive to build an entire look and Pessimistic Patty over here didn't think Dailylook.com would be worth it. Well, I found a shirt that I really liked (and scored it for $14) and found a bunch of other things that I really wanted as well. Since I hadn't ordered anything from them before, I stuck with the one "test" shirt and waited for it to arrive. The shipping was affordable and the shirt came within days, despite the site saying it would more than likely be longer. The quality was not designer, but then I wasn't expecting it to be. Overall, I was really quite pleased with this new spin on outfit posts. I mean, users can upload their own looks and receive points towards credit, so it's an interesting way to shop and won't cost an arm and a leg. Plus, I am always game for building points toward something free, aren't you?
Have you tried DailyLook?

Floral Skater Dress by Audrey 3+1, $39.99, Red and White Trimmed Blazer by Countess, $44.99, Striped Blouse by Countess, $28.99, Monique Dress by Jack by BB Dakota, $74.99 Black Tie Front Top by Zinga, $22.99, Crochet Vest by Miss Kelly 1999, $34.99, Pleated High Low Skirt by Jealous Tomato, $33.99, Faux Wrapped Dress by Renee C, $39.99

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About DailyLook.com: DailyLook sends you one new fashion look on sale every day! Their stylists shop at fashion boutiques around the world looking for inspiration to put together the latest looks on a budget, just for you. The DailyLook includes the perfect top, bottom, shoes, bag and accessories to complete the look you'll love. They'll email you one new look every day and you can buy just the items that you like within 36 hours. Get the latest styled looks without spending designer prices. Shopping at DailyLook is fun, convenient, and easy.

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