Friday, April 6, 2012

OM: I'm Freaking Out Man

This week has been a busy one, to say the least. As of late, I have taken on a lot of "things I want to do", am planning a wedding, am in two other weddings this year, am going to fashion design school and all while trying to lose weight. Ugh. On Tuesday of this week, Mama had a mini melt down.

Monday of this week was our anniversary (Yay!). The man made dinner for me because I had to run to a fancy schmancy mall over a half hour away after work in order to do a retail comparison report for my class, which was of course due on Tuesday. Whilst watching The Voice and staying up late, I finished my report in time. Stressing out averted.  Fast forward to Tuesday and the church that we thought was booked for our wedding, let us know that they had accidentally booked an artist for a concert series for the night before and we would be unable to have a rehearsal or decorate the night before (which totally botched our plans). I think in about the same hour, Mass Art emailed me to tell me that they had only received half of my application package and that they were reviewing applicants soon. I had already mailed it the week prior so it wasn't in my control anymore (which of course makes me crazy). In addition, my college had yet to send the transcripts but thankfully, I included a copy of my copy in there, but still UGH. At this point, around noon on Tuesday, I was starting to feel my resolve slowly melt away.

Tuesday nights are my class nights. I enjoy my class immensely but the drive to Boston sounded like the worst thing ever on Tuesday afternoon. Additionally, I knew that I was driving to Boston the next night for a Boston Bloggers event, so I was already in my own head about all the free time that I didn't have. Plus, I didn't even want to think about driving to NYC that coming weekend for a bridesmaid dress fitting. Meltdown coming on, didn't want to go to class, wanted to go home, eat ice cream and have a pity party.

Tuesday afternoon, I tried to get the man to tell me it was OK to skip class and just come home. He reminded me that this is what I wanted to do, that I should stay motivated. But I didn't wanna! Then he said something that ensured I would do everything I set out to do this week and all the coming weeks. He said "You are my hero." Ugh. #1 That is really sweet. #2 He is so manipulative haha. He knew that this would be sweet and also guilt me into going to class. But that was my moment this week, where he was just like, breathe, focus and do what you set out to do. It's times like this that he makes a lot of sense and is my biggest supporter. And, he subsequently, averted a major meltdown on my part, so Kudos to him.

We are speaking with another church, I learned how to do a french seam properly and the NYC weekend has been rescheduled for reasons not being my mental stability. Things have a way of working out and I need to learn to "Go with the flow" on a more regular basis.

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  1. Oh girlfriend! I hate stress! Glad everything is working out. Call me anytime.

  2. those meltdown moments can feel so low. I'm glad the man reminded you how awesome you are and that you could push through averting the meltdown.  And having NYC rescheduled was a blessing! Good luck with the new church and hope your app packet arrives soon! 


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