Monday, October 17, 2011

I am a Winner!

I would consider myself a winner in that uplifting and inspirational sort of way. I have a great man, a job that pays the bills, some aspirations that aren't so completely out of reach. I am a winner, a go getter... but in the truer sense of the word, I did actually win something.

Since joining Independent Fashion Bloggers, I have met some pretty lovely gals (and heck, even some guys) and seen some great new blogs (you should see my blog roll to the left, growing every day). One of my new friends is Miss Jess of Inked and Sewn.We are like minded peeps... we like fashion, and handbags and DIY goodness, so naturally I considered her an instant blogger friend.

Jess had a great giveaway for a handbag in honor of reaching a blog viewer goal, so again, naturally, I entered. And guess what... I won it! Once I received it, I promptly grabbed this little vintage bird pin that I have been saving for something special, and here it was!

I thought I would give a shoutout to Jess and her blog, in the hopes that you takey a look and likey her as much as I do! Merci and Gracias.



  1. You're always so lucky in giveaways! You won mine, too! That bird pin is so cute.

  2. Cute! Congratulations on your win.

  3. Aw! such a sweet post! thank you so much and I'm glad you found a new little home for your vintage bird pin. Hope to collaborate with you in the future!

    xx Jess James


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