Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Missoni for Target Ups and Downs... and Why it Doesn't Matter

Dude, I was as excited as any of those designer brand hungry girls, that Missoni was doing a line for Target. I had admired the Rodarte and Liberty of London lines but Missoni... now that was going to be something special.

I had devised a plan beforehand deciding that there were two sweaters that I really wanted. I would be so happy with both but totally content if I only got one. Which two was I in love with from the Get-Go?

Missoni for Target® V-Neck Knit Cardigan - Multicolor Zigzag Print and the Missoni for Target® V-Neck Combo Chiffon Sweater - Blue Multicolor Print

Knowing that I would be on a train en route to NYC on the morning that this line launched, I planned on hitting up the website really early in the morning... well, as I am sure that you who are familiar with the Target website, know that the line did not go up until much later than anticipated. I went to bed and decided to try first thing in the morning.... duh duh duh... the website was down.

My man brought me to the train station where I eagerly logged onto my laptop, only to find the site was still down. In retrospect, this is where I should have given up and spent my train ride relaxing. Nope, not me. I was determined to get my Missoni for Target... and like angels singing... I refreshed the page and Voila! It was up.

I was nervous that at any moment the site would go down and I wouldn't be able to get my order through. I feverishly found my two sweaters and took no chances, I locked them in and placed my order. I received an order number and was so friggin' proud of myself... I mean SO.FRIGGIN.PROUD. I knew that day was going to be a good day.

So due to the website going up and down, I did not fret that I was not emailed an order confirmation. I checked my bank account and yep, just as planned, the charges were pending. I was golden... or so I thought. So here it is, a week and change later. I still haven't received my order confirmation via email but I am hearing via the nets that people have had ALL sorts of trouble with their orders. So now I begin to worry. Surely, my order couldn't be messed up. They charged me for it.

I called Target customer support and actually got through pretty quickly. I was very cordial with the gentleman that I was speaking to, I mean I can just imagine what kind of nastiness he has had to deal with in the past week... and then I soon discovered why people are so pissed.

Target could not find my order and I was told to call back in 2 or 3 hours because their system was being worked on. So I called back and I was told they couldn't find my order. I insisted that they had charged me for the items and the insisted that they couldn't find my order. As you can imagine, I became one of the "Outraged Missoni Divas"...

I can understand popularity of a line, and of it selling out, but what I can't understand is a system so flawed that it didn't just mess up a choice few orders, it messed up A LOT. As it stands right now, I don't even want the stupid sweaters. I just checked the website and supposedly the chiffony one is still in stock in my size. But, I don't trust Target's website. I trust them to hold my money and not be able to find my order but I don't trust it to place an order correctly.

And why does it matter? There are so many different things going on in this world, and I am letting two stupid sweaters, that I may or may not have really liked, and if we are being totally honest, weren't totally at an amazing price point, ruin my day, then I have to take a hard look at myself.

One of my passions is fashion but I don't need to have an anxiety attack over it. Target will give me my money back eventually and I will survive without the sweaters...and to all the girls that got their Missoni for Target and are in love? then I congratulate you. Well played Divas, well played.

PS. I do not intend on purchasing any Missoni for Target on ebay. I happen to think that the multiple reports I heard, of people hitting Target, filling their carts to the brim with Missoni, only with the intention to resell it to the masses at an upcharge?Is gross... and I refuse to support it. I would rather go without.


UPDATE: Of course, as soon as the charges dropped off my card and I had accepted that I was not getting my Missoni for Target, my sweaters arrived today. I called Target customer support back to tell them the charges fell off my account and they still couldn't find my order so I am hoping that they either charge me or they don't in the near future... but at the end of the day, they fulfilled my order and pretty quickly. This situation has made me realize that Target is probably going to lose some business/money/customers over this. I was honest and called them about the product that I received but seemingly had not been charged for but others won't be so forthcoming with that information. They do not have a good grasp on the situation. So while I wished I had waited a couple of days before posting this, it was a frustrating situation and I felt the need to share.


  1. I luckily went to my local Target and received what I wanted. But I did see those people filling their carts. The lady I ran into said she was selling them to her "friends" but I knew it was ebay. Sorry that you didn't get the sweater you wanted.


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