Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lacking, how do you say, Inspiration...

So I find that I have been without crafting inspiration lately. Or fashion inspiration. Or any inspiration really. I write for another blog, The Fashionable Housewife, and I have been putting in a lot of my blogging time in over there because it is a more established blog, where I would ideally get more experience doing high visibility blogging, dealing with PR companies, using social media in a noticeable type way. You get the picture. I really like writing over there because it's different from my blog. It's geared towards fashion, cosmetics, deals, you know? And to boot? It's sort of mindless. Well, I guess I shouldn't say mindless. I do put my own thoughts and opinions into those posts but I am generally given a topic or a product to review or a giveaway to post. So while I don't get to sink my teeth in totally creatively, I still am getting something out of it. So that is where I have been, and where I am putting about 20 hours a week in. That is all my creative time. (insert sadface here)

So where to I find crafty inspiration? Where must those who are lost, find themselves? Guh, can anyone help me? I know I am not the only person who has ever been in a rut. Don't get me wrong, I love to craft, I love to create but sometimes it does not come easy.

Does anyone have any advice on how to jumpstart my battery? Advice taken freely, candy taken only if I know you.

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  1. So that's where you have been hiding out ;)I've been missing you! I know the feeling all too well. I have been in and out of a rut this year a lot. Acknowledging that I am in a rut and it's okay to take a break sometimes helps me get out of it quickly. If that doesn't work I try to spend some time doing something quiet for a a little while like reading, taking bath, spending time outdoors will rejuvenate me. Sending you some blog love and wishes for creativity!


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