Thursday, June 2, 2011

Incorporating Vintage

So I was totally inspired by the girls from the Slaves to Fashion blog on when they shared a week's worth of looks that all had a touch or more of Vintage...Jen totally rocked it. I totally try to work Vintage pieces into my wardrobe all the time (some outfits being more successful than others of course) so I was encouraged to document my own looks and get feedback on whether or not I have the knack or not. Eh, regardless if anyone thinks I have got the knack, I still love my vintage and thrifted goods... I love a piece of clothing with character, no lie.

OK so what do you think of my looks with a dash of vintage loving?
Vintage Touch? Dress from Roulette Vintage in Carrboro, NC (Shoes are Nine West, Sweater is now defunct Martin + Osa, belt is Banana Republic)

Vintage Touch? Scarf from a Goodwill run with my Ma! (Skirt is J. Crew, Sweater is Martin+ Osa, Shoes are Cole Haan)

Vintage Touch? Oxford shoes from a consignment shop in Worcester, MA (Sweater is The Limited, Jeans are UniQlo, Tank is Martin +Osa, bag is Sak Roots)

Vinstage Touch? Elephant Necklace from Alexis Grace Consignment (sweater by The Limited, skirt Martin+Osa and shoes from Target)
Vintage Touch? Dress made with Vintage fabric from NowSOLA Vintage and made by me! (sweater by Gap, Shoes by Nine West)


  1. Oh.My.Goodness. Hot momma! Love the ensembles! The blue dress is my favorite and the color works so well on you :)

  2. made the Day 5 dress? i love it! my fave looks on you are Days 1, 4, and 5! :)

  3. you did it and you are adorable!!! I LOVE the blue dress, the color is fantastic on you. My fav days 1, 3 and 5. You looks uber confident those days and I love that. Shoes in day 3 are really cute.

  4. um wait I just realized you made the day 5 dress, so beautiful!!!

  5. I love all the looks! I can't believe the dress from day 5 (also known as today) is made by you! Love that! I was also eyeballing your necklace yesterday. Elephant! love!

  6. Super cute! Love the dress you made!

  7. I LOVE Day 1! That color blue is just stunning on you. Gorgeous. And is the Day 5 dress the one you showed me? Is it the finished product?! If so - excellent job, my friend!!

  8. How awesome...the fabric is so sweet & it made an amazing dress! Looks great!!!


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