Friday, May 27, 2011

Power to the Creative People

Yesterday, Urban Outfitters got its @$$ handed to them by the online creative/ artsy/ handmade community. You see, Urban Outfitters has been known to take ideas from independent artists and designers, mass produce them, then sell them back to their target audience, creative types. Booo Hssssss Urban Outfitters, Boooo Hsssss. (Note: Forever 21 is guilty of stealing ideas and are sometimes more blatant about it). Anyway, yesterday the social media sites were a flutter with angry bees (bees being artistic types who hate to see their ideas stolen)... see this great blog post from My Aim is True explaining how her tweet took flight and helped lay the smack down on a stealing creep.

I just thought I would post a little blurb about how great I think the online crafting/handmade/art community is. People really banded together on this one and seemingly made a difference. It may not seem like much but look at all that happened in one day!

My Favorite Tree Necklace by Truche

*At the center of this commotion is an Etsy seller, Truche, (much like my crafty friends) who is passionate about her art. I hope that this attention boosts her sales and makes her all the more successful!

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