Friday, February 18, 2011

OM: Love What You Do

I have been totally letting my blogging go lately. I usually have ideas swimming through my head, enough so that I need to jot them down, but lately I have been feeling muted and blah. I just recently went back to work after being on leave ( a little too soon I might add) and I just feel like the landscape of my life has grayed a bit. It takes a lot more energy to do a lot less these day and my tolerance for BS is pretty low as well... all these things combined have made for a pretty lackluster creative flow as of late. So what do I do? I complain about it. Here is where my moment came this week. Convo as follows:

@ This whole "working" thing has totally made me behind in my quilting!

@ That's alright. I'm not going anywhere ;)

@ You ever get in a funk where you look at your sewing machine and you're like, Meh, too much trouble? That's me lately.

@ No, that never happens to me, but I'm weird that way. I honestly love to sew, all the time ;)

I have a million projects I need to finish... cuffs for readers, steps in a quilt along, a multitude of crafty posts that I have started but just never finished...  Lately, every day I think about this list of "To-Do's" that I am holding myself too, like a job, one that is a chore. What I really need to do is look at this whole kit 'n caboodle like it really is, my labor of love. You know what Angela? I love to sew too! I love to blog about it! It shouldn't be a chore, something I begrudgingly do. It should be what excites me and makes me happy. I am reminded of that Life is Good slogan "Do what you like, like what you do"... but I'll take it one step further "Do what you love, love what you do"... Words to live by.

PS. This week's pride and joy! I cared for my new Bonsai tree so much that I got my first bloom which in the dead of Winter is an inspiration in and of itself.

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  1. Thanks for the mention sweetie. I think it's ok that you're going through an adjustment here; you just had a surgery and it's winter time. It's ok to take a little break, even from things we love.

    Just last night, I met a quilter who worked for a quilting magazine, and all of a sudden she didn't like sewing. She quit her job at the magazine, took a LONG break, and now she's back, loving it again!

    Your attitude is amazing, I love how you turned your feelings around. Sometimes my blog seems like work, ugh, and I too have to remind myself that I like it, and not to take it so seriously. You know?!

    Let yourself rest, and just like that Bonsai tree, you'll bloom again ;)

  2. Hey, it's me again. I was just getting ready to sew and I remembered a post I wrote awhile back that I thought you might want to read - It's all about rest...

    Check it out if you want --you're on my mind today ;)

  3. Doing what you love is a roller coaster. Because it's so close to your heart and your identity, there are more highs and lows. I agree with Angela. Let yourself rest when you need to. The fuel you need will hit you when you don't expect it.

  4. Angela and Angie said it best. I've recently adopted this new idea that I should make what I feel like making, when I feel like making it. I've enjoyed the process more. It also feeds my creativity. I didn't like the disjointed or scattered feeling I had in the past, but I'm now embracing it as a part of the creative process.

  5. I'm slowly learning to not commit myself to stuff I don't want to do! It's a work in progress, but I know it's gonna lead me to happier places! But it's a process!

  6. Taking a break, even from something you love, gives you perspective. Sometimes, after a break, it's difficult to transition back into what you love. Just know that you will shake off the negative and it will be joyful again.

  7. muted and blah, that just about sums me up over here too. Not sure what happened. I have all these ideas and things I want to do but I'm just not into getting started on anything. I have blog posts saved but never finished and I have them weighing on my shoulders like a JOB. I deleted a few yesterday and just said forget those and start fresh. My creativity comes in cycles and when something is out of balance everything goes haywire. I know you have been dealing with a lot lately cut yourself some slack and know you'll get your groove back sometimes it takes a little longer then planned. Your bloom is beautiful!!!

  8. Ok, this is how sensitive I am today that I just burst out into happy tears about all the nice things that you ladies have said... and I have never met any of you in person! Thank you! Truly, I am touched to have you in my "bubble" (Right, Cyn?)

  9. Super cute blog! Happy to have discovered it. Thanks for the #FF! :)


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