Monday, February 25, 2019

Wilson Farm Keeping it Interesting, As Always

This past week, my friend Elizabeth and I had the opportunity to visit Wilson Farm in Lexington, MA. You may remember my visit from last Fall but things change so much seasonally, if not monthly, that it was such a special treat to take Teddy for a morning on the farm. Honestly, we could have just strolled leisurely through the greenhouses and nursery, because it truly provided me with a little rejuvenation that I needed this Winter. The warmth and the greenery were welcoming and y'all know that I am a #crazyplantlady so it was a Monday morning dream come true. Pssst. Someone please buy me a new wandering jew plant!

Goats met us as we rounded the back of the chicken coops to head down to the larger greenhouses and bakery. I would have to say that Wilson Farm has made me the world's best mother because not only did Teddy get some goat snuggles, he was also treated to the biggest treat of his entire life on this Earth. His face when he was passed an enormous cookie was the cutest thing to behold and frankly, it kept him busy for the duration of our trip on the farm.

Wilson Farm is really just one of those great places in the community that has amazing food, both prepared and farm fresh, plants, flowers, baked goods, super fun events and a really vested interest in their people, the products they put forth and the experience that they provide for the people they serve. It really does feel like a special place when you visit.

And you know you love your kids when you're willing to whip them up a batch of pancakes even though you've been doing Whole30 for the past month, but when Wilson Farm treats you to their delicious pancake mix, someone has got to make good use of it! Speaking of breakfast, the team at Wilson Farm has a ton of great events planned, most notably the Farmer's Breakfast, taking place the weekend of March 9th and 10th from 10am-2pm. Check out their events page to keep up with all their goings on through to Spring!

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