Friday, February 8, 2019

Galentine's Day Treats on the Cheap

I don't usually go big for Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day for that matter but this year, for some reason, I am feeling the love. I've got some tricks up my sleeve for some of the ladies that I love and all without spending too much money at all. It doesn't take much to let someone know that you care about them and I do sincerely believe that it is the thought and care put into a gift that counts. Here are some of the things that I did this year and I just wish I had time to do it for every single person I know!

A Magazine Subscription (because they are so fun!) I love getting magazines in the mail. I have slimmed down what I actually have delivered to the house because I simply don't have the time to read them all but I do still have a couple of subscriptions... I think it's such a cool idea to gift someone a magazine subscription because it's a gift that lasts over a course of time. I have grabbed them off of Amazon before and have even snagged a couple on Groupon over the years (hello Yoga Journal, BHG and HGTV Mag). They're super affordable gifts ($4-$10) for a much bigger impact plus it's so simple to cater to your gal's tastes. Easy Peasy.

Handmade Cards (better than store bought imo) You might recall me talking about how into block printing I am lately so I whipped up a heart block which was mildly successful... successful enough to print out some cards to send out this Galentine's Day. It's super easy to pick up a pack of blank cards (these are my faves) and either print on them, do paper crafts, paint, use store bought stamps, the possibilities are endless. I usually write something thoughtful and light hearted to my ladies so that they feel loved and uplifted on Galentine's Day!

Kids Valentines (they're cute, right?) It gives me such joy to know that I am heading into the kids' valentines cards stage of life. Wes is in PreK and headed into Kindergarten next year so I'm assuming they do it for a couple of years at least? In any event, choosing Valentine's Day cards used to be one of m favorite things to do as a kid. Even now, I think some of the kids cards are the best, and I've bought them and given them to my friends. If I think they're cute, then it must be a nice little surprise to get kids card in the mail one day, right? Also, all it costs you is a couple dollars, some envelopes and stamps!

DIY Tees (or DIY anything, the possibilities are endless!) I love to create a statement tee on occasion and had fully intended on making tees for my entire family for Christmas...which sadly did not happen. But it's almost better for Galentine's Day imo. I picked up some white tees on my the cheap (I don't usually recommend Walmart for anything but you can get the best cheap tees there) and used my Silhouette machine to create an iron on transfer. Stencils work great as well or even a block print! Need other ideas? Try my friend Elizabeth's DIY Face Serum, these easy zip pouches from See Kate Sew or Handmade Rosemary Shampoo Bars from Freebie Finding Mom.

A Useful Staple Item (a girl has needs)- I am at this stage in life where I am just as excited to get new socks as I am to get a cute little trinket from someone. I am all for gifting your girls something cute but also something useful. For example, I just snagged some travel sized dry shampoos which, tied with a cute bow, are the perfect companion to a handwritten note about "life hacks" and a personal joke. I don't think you have to choose between being cute, frugal and/or practical. Use your imagination and find ways to make a useful item, a great gift! Other recs? Travel Makeup Bags, Beauty Products, and snacks are always great ideas!

Do you have any Galentine's Day Ideas that I can get on board with?

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