Monday, December 18, 2017

peach for active yet hip mamas

*Peach and my stylist Peach Alissa gifted me items for this review.

You may have been seeing Peach and their casual cool work/out wear on the nets recently. The ladies over there are certainly doing their best to spread the good word about their awesome athleisure-wear but I didn't get a peek at it until one of their stylists, Alissa, contacted me about checking it out. We chatted about the brand, my lifestyle and what would work best for me Peach-wise before trying them on for size.

As a Mom to two busy boys, it's imperative for me to be comfortable. I hate to be like "comfort is key" but dude, it really is. I can't be bothered to wear clothes that dig into me, are ill fitted or don't move with me as I am on the go. That's why "athleisure" wear has become something of a necessity to me... but I don't want to look frumpy dumpy you know? I told Alissa all about my lifestyle, and she totally got it. We talked about my body type and what makes me feel comfortable, and she totally got it. It was nice to actually work with someone to find what would be the best fit both literally and for my lifestyle.

We ended up deciding on the very popular Margot Funnel, the Nina Legging, the Velvet headband and the Modern Boho pant, all which seemed to be very versatile and stylish (+comfortable) staple pieces for my wardrobe. I love everything but I have BEEN LIVING in the Margot Funnel (in soft pink) and the Modern Boho pant. Can we talk about the epitome of comfy! The clothes are Made in the USA and sold by a network of stylists so you most definitely feel that there's a personal touch to the experience... and I just love that.

It's not hard to love a brand that creates comfort without losing the cool. If you'd like to speak to a stylist, I highly recommend working with Alissa and the team at Peach. You won't regret having that human relationship to guide you in shopping for your next favorite clothes!

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